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Celebrities Join Fight to Keep Mural Up in Bellflower

By Brian Hews

April 27, 2023

A mural located at in Bellflower on the side of Speedy Auto Tint on Wooddruff is drawing the attention of both the city of Bellflower and major celebrities.

Speedy owner Ralph Cornejo wrote Los Cerritos Community News yesterday, “We own a local tint shop in Bellflower and recently put up a mural on our wall. The city is now giving us issues. The wall represents the community and culture. We appreciate any help.”

The city is citing code that prohibits the murals current location and they want the beautiful artwork taken down which includes pictures of Kobe Bryant, Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur and Vin Scully.

Even the artist was notified saying he received a notice from the city to take down the art, his Instagram, is sloe_motions.

An online petition has gained nearly 739 signatures as of this morning to keep it up.

“At Speedy Auto Tint we are proud of our mural because we are a Latino/ family-owned small business, and we believe this mural represents the city of Los Angeles and the culture it embodies,” a summary of the petition reads.

“Right now, we are in the process to appeal the code enforcement, but we need the community’s help! We are hoping with enough signatures and if the right people see this, we can keep this beautiful timeless artwork. So, if you love this mural as much as we do and want to help save our community mural please sign this petition.”

The notice sent from the city stated “painted murals must be located on a wall facing a side street or parking lot. Please remove the noncompliant mural from your property. All signs displayed within the city must have a valid permit issued by the city of Bellflower planning department permits will not be issued for blade flag style banners please remove all on perimeter signs from your property including but not limited to the trailer sign until permits have been displayed. If you do please note each violation is a separate events and each day the violation exist is a new offense.”

Oscar De La Hoya commented on the artist’s Instagram post: Thank you brother for the love. I’ll make some calls.”

Danny Trejo shared an image of the mural and said: “Go check it out before the city removes it!”