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Celebrate rich culture and Discover the hidden gems of Canada in 2023

There are hundreds of things explorers in Canada can do in 2023. With local attractions in each major city, cultural hotspots every few kilometers, and thriving communities everywhere you look, it’s easy to celebrate the rich culture provided through the hidden gems and beyond. This guide explores some of the hottest, most interesting spots to uncover for anyone traveling to this wonderful country. So make sure you tick some off the voyager bucket list when you get there!

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Catch a Game at the Rogers Centre

The Rogers Centre is one of the best places for all the sports fans out there paying Canada a visit. There may be famous athletes all over the world, but this country has some of the most renowned in the world of sports, and is places like this that bring the sport-culture to life. Book your tickets, catch a game, and try to have the most authentic, Canadian experience possible.

Canada’s World of Gaming

One thing that Canada is well-known for is its rich gaming culture. This definitely translates into the online world too as you can see here, and it’s one of those activities that bring enjoyment, entertainment, and social time too. If you are looking for ways to wind down before you go to sleep, or just hoping to experience all aspects of Canadian culture while you visit, this is a great place to start.

Seeing the Iceberg Nest

Quirpon Island in Newfoundland and Labrador has some breathtaking sights that shouldn’t be missed. The Iceberg Nest is a unique experience that will create a core memory that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. These are some of the biggest icebergs that have been recorded in the world, and they are surrounded by a great selection of intriguing wildlife too. From whales to seals and everything in between, animal lovers and nature chasers can find so much here to uncover.

Voyage to Sambro Island

Why not take a kayak around Sambro Island? Nova Scotia is home to this exquisite gem and it attracts plenty of attention from tourists every year. There is plenty to do from water-based activities to observing the local fishermen and more than enough places to rest your head, eat, and socialize too. Don’t forget to check out the Sambro Lighthouse, this is definitely one to not miss.

Diefenbunker Experience

In Ottawa, you will find the Diefenbunker Experience. Boasting its status as one of the biggest worldwide, this underground bunker is a real day out. Its history is rich, being originally built for over 500 people to find security in, should a nuclear attack happen. However, all four stories can now be experienced in a museum-style attraction, and it’s filled with interesting stories, engineering, and architecture too.

The Caters Point

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach, your search ends with The Caters Point. Nova Scotia again has this wonderful diamond of a place that people go to for the scenery, peace, and to be close to nature. It is also a great place to try out surfing for the first time or take your skills out on the water as an experienced board rider. The water is so clear you will have no trouble taking a swim or splashing around, and the sand is some of the best in the entire world. It is definitely worth a visit if you’re heading that way.

Ottawa’s Art House Café

Or, you could try out Ottawa’s Art House Café. A popular spot for both locals and tourists, this is a hub of artisan coffee, cake, and entertainment too.

Canada has so much rich culture, it could never be fit into one short visit. However, there are certain places not to miss, and there are some of the best ones on this list.