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Can Los Angeles County Residents Really Benefit from Fiber Optic Internet?

April 26, 2023

With the LA county area recently selecting a provider for the latest plan to bring fast and accessible internet to all those who might struggle to get it otherwise, there might be something of a lingering question for those residents – is it necessary? It’s an important question, and one with a multi-faceted answer. Looking to aspects of that answer that you haven’t considered yourself could change your perspective on the matter, or have you thinking about it in a different way.

While your concern is likely restricted to the area that you live in, this is a question worth asking on a broader scale, with the same issue applied again and again throughout the world.

The Prevalence of the Internet

While this might, at first glance, feel like something of an unnecessary addition to local infrastructure, thinking about how important the internet is in people’s everyday lives might offer another perspective. Your phones, your consoles, your TV, even smart devices like your fridge or bin can find themselves in this list. That means that if you want to work, relax, or simply conduct research or talk to people, the internet is necessary.

Take gaming, for example. While it might have once been an exclusively offline pastime, now you have cloud gaming and online casinos, like Jackpot City Casino. The jackpot city casino games wouldn’t be able to offer the stability or level of maintenance that they do without that online connection, and the security of the platform would be less robust, which might help you see how this online utilization is a positive in some situations.

Isn’t This Money Better Spent Elsewhere?

The other thing that might immediately jump to mind when people think about something like this is how this money could be better spent elsewhere. There are a thousand different things that could jump to mind, and you individually will have something that bothers you about your local area that you would rather see resolved.

First of all, as mentioned before, this might provide more benefits than you initially give credit for and could help outreach to communities that don’t currently find themselves as accessible. Secondly, with this greater integration and connection through the digital world, you might find that your voice becomes more heard and channels to voice discontent with other issues make themselves apparent.

What if You Don’t Need it?

Throughout all of this, you might be thinking that you don’t need this at all. Perhaps you personally have a stronger internet connection that you’re happy with; therefore, the reasons for this can feel redundant. The aforementioned positives still stand true for everyone in your community, and with that can come a greater level of maintenance for your own connection. Understanding the importance it might hold for other people might not be your first thought but it doesn’t make the implementation of fiber optic internet any less important. Additionally, if you do have friends who you talk to regularly or would like to spend time within digital spaces who also live in this area, you might find that a blanket internet connection can help you to feel more comfortable in your day-to-day life.