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‘Involuntarily’ Removed Cerritos High Principal Pat Walker to be Reinstated

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Patrick Walker

March 31, 2023

By Brian Hews

On March 18, 2023, Los Cerritos Community Newspaper learned that Cerritos High Principal Patrick Walker was “involuntarily” removed from his position this past Friday.

An email obtained by LCCN from Walker to CHS parents read, “For those of you who could not make it to today’s lunch meeting, I wanted to give you a brief synopsis: I am being involuntarily transferred to another school site (the location has not yet been determined) for the 2023-24 school year. Dr. Lois explained that the new Principal could be appointed by the district or could be selected through an interview process. There will be more information by the end of next week. I am heartbroken to be leaving the school I love. Yet, I am proud of all that WE have accomplished together these past nine years. No matter what the future holds for me…rest assured…I will always be a Don!

In addition, sources told LCCN that some CHS front office administrators will be removed.

“Certain parents are running the school,” an inside source who wanted to stay anonymous told LCCN, “if you are not in the clique, nothing you want will get done. Those in the front office are rude and very snotty too; this is a good thing.”

Interim Superintendent Toan Nguyen, who removed Walker, had complete authority to remove administrators and could only be overridden by a majority vote by the ABCUSD Board at a regular meeting.

Sources told LCCN that if it were placed on a meeting and brought to a vote, Walker would not be reinstated essentially exposing who wanted Walker removed.

Fast forward thirteen days and it seems certain ABCUSD Trustees have had a change of heart, maybe they saw their Cerritos City Council aspirations disappearing with the removal of Walker

LCCN has been told that Patrick Walker will be reinstated as Principal of Cerritos High School, which will please the sizable crowd of parents who voiced their displeasure at the Mar. 21, 2023 board meeting.

The next ABC Board meeting is April 4, 2023.