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ABCUSD Trustee Soo Yoo Attended ‘Detransition Rally’ in Sacramento

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March 21, 2023

By Brian Hews

On March 14, 2023, Los Cerritos Community News exclusively reported that ABC Unified School District Trustee Soo Yoo interviewed with the right-wing misinformation, anti-China, pro-Trump media empire of Falun Gong channel – which also publishes the Epoch Times newspaper – was heard spouting racist right-wing talking points and who is on the record for bashing Latinos for having Quinceaneras and telling African Americans “to get over the slavery thing.”

It looks like Yoo was making the rounds with racists and homophobes in Sacramento prior to her interview with the Falun Gong.

LCCN has learned that just four days prior to the interview , Yoo attended a homophobic anti-LGBTQ+ “Detransition Awareness Rally” in Sacramento.

Detransition believers think that parents force their children to transition and then have life-altering surgeries.

Detransitioning, or “later regret,” means stopping or reversing gender transition, which can include medical treatment or changes in appearance, or both.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health said evidence of later regret is scant. Dutch research from several years ago found no evidence of regret in transgender adults who had comprehensive psychological evaluations in childhood before undergoing puberty blockers and hormone treatment.

Yoo is seen in a picture on Facebook standing next to a God Bless America banner and in front of a sign that reads, “Democrats Supporting Detransitioners.”

ABCUSD Trustee Soo Yoo at the rally in Sacramento.

The post was by Erik Elness, who wrote on his page, “proud to attend the Detransition Awareness Rally on the steps of the state capital today; great to see my friends Peter Kuo and Soo Yoo at the rally as well.

A check of Elness’ page shows he is a Trump-supporting conspiracy theorist recently posting the bizarre meme that George Soros is behind New York D.A. Alvin Bragg’s actions against Trump.

Elness continued about the rally, “it was very informative and frankly heart-wrenching to hear the first-hand stories of adults who were coerced as children to have life-altering surgeries. The long-term psychological trauma and physiological complications to these vulnerable children was heartbreaking.”

Elness’ post thanking ABCUSD Trustee Soo Yoo for being at the rally.

Federal guidelines call for thorough psychological assessments to confirm gender dysphoria — distress over gender identity that doesn’t match a person’s assigned sex — before starting any treatment; children are not forced to transition.

That treatment typically begins with puberty-blocking medication to temporarily pause sexual development, giving youngsters time to mature enough mentally and emotionally to make informed decisions about whether to pursue permanent treatment.