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Bomb Threat at Whitney High, School on Lock Down

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March 16, 2023 • 1:48 p.m.

Los Cerritos Community News has learned that at 1:48 today, Whitney High School officials sent out a memo saying they received a threat via phone call. The sheriffs immediately arrived at the campus to ensure the student safety. Under the direction of the Cerritos sheriffs, they placed the school on lockdown.

LCCN is attempting to gather more information.

Scott Smith, ABCUSD PIO, talks to concerned parents and families about the situation at the school, this picture was taken at Cerritos Park East which is about half a mile away from the school.


More information below:


ABCUSD officials are telling parents to be ready to match up students with family using ID’s, so some students are still inside the school. “The sherrif’s are going through their process right now, that’s all we can give you right now.”


Sherrifs said ” the student are safe, it takes time to investigate. We must take the next step and clear the school grounds with dogs. Once that is done we will release the students.”

Anxious parents and family in front of Widney High wait for their students to be released.


The sheriffs are letting the students out, that could be a long process as the sherrifs are requiring parents to have matching id’s.