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Online casino target audience 2023

Online casino gaming is a dynamic, fast-paced industry that has turned into a billion-dollar market with millions of fans worldwide. Thanks to constant tech innovations and the changing regulatory framework around the globe, online gambling is now one of the most entertaining businesses and it brings new opportunities by the day. However, while the online gambling market is unique, the key to success for casino operators is to know their customers.

It’s important to have a clear image of your ideal online casino players to ensure you deliver exactly what they need. Here’s the target audience for online casinos looking to withstand the strong competition in the iGaming market in 2023.

College/University Students

Because most college students today are tech-savvy and always have access to smartphones and PC devices, they’re a popular target market for online casinos. Most of these university students play social casino games for fun since they’re accessible through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, social media platforms are extensively used by social casino groups to market their services and present betting as an alluring type of entertainment.

Most University students understand that playing online casino games might involve luck and has the potential of being lucrative. As such, most students are attracted to betting activities as most of them can get access to the internet and different gambling platforms.

Working-class men

Online casino games like roulette, slots, baccarat, and poker have long attracted the attention of millions of working-class men. Through reliable sites like the Betway Casino, these gamblers can conveniently use their disposable income to enjoy the games by leveraging innovative technologies like the blockchain and mobile devices. 

The ability to use these emerging tech trends in the iGaming sector has attracted millions of players to join the bandwagon. Software developers also deliver new games regularly to keep male players coming back to their platform for more. That also includes sports betting through platforms like the Betway sportsbook. 

Tech-savvy women

Advancements in technology have helped the online casino market to expand across the globe, penetrating markets that were once considered impossible. By the end of 2023, the global online casino market is expected to be worth over $95 billion, with more women placing wagers on different games. These new technologies have broken common stereotypes surrounding casino gaming, with tech-savvy women embracing the opportunity to try their luck.

Today, female players are already challenging male players in different online gaming competitions and although they’re yet to take control of the market, they present a huge opportunity for operators. As such, online casino software developers are incorporating colors and themes that appeal more to women.

Remote workers

Since the lockdown in 2020, online casinos have significantly grown in popularity. To adhere to social distancing regulations, most employers were compelled to ask their employees to work remotely and that led to an increase in the number of online casino players.

During the lockdown, online casino operators leveraged cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand the player’s behaviors. In so doing, they realized that the more people are working from home, the more they’re inclined to try out online casino games.