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VOTE: Downey Councilwoman Alvarez Will be Recalled

Feb 1, 2023 8:20 a.m.

With yes to recall ahead by over 2,587, 90% YES, 10% NO, it looks like embattled Downey Councilwoman Catherine Alvarez will be recalled.

Recall supporters accused Alvarez of past criminal charges, which include a welfare violation and perjury. The perjury charge was dismissed, but Alvarez was sentenced to three years probation after pleading guilty to the welfare fraud charge in 2016.

Former Mayor Rick Rodriguez was a major supporter of the recall, he was accused of living out of his district by the LB Press Telegram in 2016, but was not investigated like Alvarez.

An anonymous complaint addressed to a state agency asserted that Rodriguez resided at a beach house with his wife, Lupe.

The complaint contains several pages of Facebook postings from Lupe Rodriguez. One of them was a post with an apparent photo of her and her council-member husband sitting on a low wall next to a sprawling beach. The text read: HOME!!!!