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Cerritos City Manager Will Get Paid $541,000 Upon Retirement

January 23, 2022

By Brian Hews

The June 30, 2023 retirement of Cerritos City Manager Art Gallucci is going to be expensive for the City of Cerritos, and a big pay for Gallucci, to the tune of over a half-million dollars.

Gallucci has racked up nearly 2,409 vacation hours – 1 year and ten weeks – totaling over $278,000.

Cerritos’ policy dictates after the fifteenth year, one day of vacation is added each year until a maximum of twenty-two days is reached, for a total of 176 hours (22*8) maximum per year.

Consequently, Gallucci will amass an additional 80 hours before he retires – $9,000 – for a total of $287,000.

In addition, in December 2000, the Republican-led City Council approved a retirement plan for employees; per that plan, Gallucci will receive another $254,000.

The final retirement check to Gallucci will total $541,000.

But wait, there’s more – in the form of a monthly retirement benefit. Cerritos pays health insurance for life, including medical, dental, and vision; Gallucci will receive what the city calls the “platinum family rate” his total monthly health bill will be $2,700 or $32,400 per year.