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SOURCES: Montebello City Manager Will Take ‘Voluntary’ Leave

Rene Bobadilla

January 19, 2023

Over the years, it has proven to be hazardous to one’s career and health to work as city manager for Montebello, and now it looks like another in a long line of city managers cannot take the harassment and abuse by the Montebello City Council.

Following the appointment of David Torres to mayor, during one of the first City Council meetings, Torres placed and voted on an agenda item to strip City Manager Rene Bobadilla of most of his administrative authority, including his hiring power.

Sources are telling HMG-CN that Torres and other City Councilmembers don’t like Bobadilla and were putting so much pressure on him that the embattled city manager could no longer take the harassment and went on voluntary leave.

It wasn’t a logical move by Torres and the City Council, so their motives are in question as to why they are harassing Bobadilla.

Bobadilla has a huge 18-month severance package and was doing very well cleaning up the mess the former city manager left, with good evaluations, so it is unclear why Torres and the City Council want to subject the city manager to harassment and create another controversy for the city.

HMG-CN is awaiting a call from the Director of Human Resources for more information.