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7 things to consider when switching energy supplier

January 18, 2023

We’re fortunate to live during a time when there are plenty of options for providing a family home with energy. Whether you would like to switch to the latest and greatest renewable energy or find a better energy company, it can be challenging to locate the best energy company for your home. This is especially true in areas that have several companies competing for customers. If you’re in the process of switching your current energy company to something different, keep reading to learn some helpful tips to help you along the way. 

1. Check Out Their Licensing

One of the first things you need to do is find out what type of energy your home will require. Are you planning on using natural gas, or are you ready to try a renewable resource like solar? Next, check to see whether the energy company in your area has the proper licensing for your state and if they can contract in your local area. Failing to hire a licensed company can cause you to pay a lot more in the long run, so make sure you see proper documentation before signing any contract. 

2. What Are Your Current Costs?

While most people don’t know how much energy it takes to run their home, finding this out for yourself can guide you in finding the right energy company for your home. After all, do you really want to switch companies if you’re going to be paying more money? First, look at your energy bills for the last year and document how much you’ve been spending each month. Use this as a comparison when looking at the prices for other energy suppliers. If you’re going to end up paying more for the same service, then you should keep looking for a different company to suit your needs. 

3. Look at the Company’s History

When making any kind of purchase, you want to ensure that the product and the company you receive it from are reliable and honest. It’s essential to pay attention to how long the company has been established to make sure they’ve been around long enough to gain the appropriate customer support. When looking at different companies on the internet, look at the community reviews listed for each company to make sure the community supports this business. You can also ask neighbors about the energy company they use to reassure yourself that your chosen company is worth the money you’ll be spending.

4. Look for Impressive Customer Service

The first interaction you’ll have with a company is typically with the customer service representative. Because this person is the company’s first line of communication with customers, you should expect them to be polite, informative, eager, understanding, and kind. If the representative is rude or seems to be rushing you to make a decision, you have to assume that their behavior or attitude reflects the company they work for. If this is the case, save yourself the stress and look for a different company for your energy needs. 

5. Do Your Own Research 

You mustn’t settle on the first energy company you look into. Doing so can cause you to employ a company that doesn’t really deserve your business. Before you come to a determination on the perfect energy company:

  1. List the essential qualities you’re looking for in an energy company.
  2. Include the price you’re willing to pay, what kind of energy you would like to use, and how much you’re currently paying.
  3. Compare offers from different companies and choose the one that best suits your needs for an affordable price. 

6. Online Services

It’s 2023, and it should be expected that most companies are using the internet alongside their phones to communicate with customers. If you’d like to pay your bill online or manage your account through a customer portal, it’s crucial to find a company that provides online services such as these as a part of their customer service offerings. Check out iselect to find the perfect energy company if you’re interested in online services. 

07. Measure Your Meters

According to Forbes, the last thing you need to do is make the final switch to the new company. Before you do this, Forbes encourages homeowners to take a measure of the meter before turning off the old energy company and take a measure of the meter when the new company connects their product. Doing so will ensure that you and the companies are on the same page regarding usage and payment. 

Switching energy companies doesn’t need to be stressful, especially with these helpful tips locked away in your toolbox. If you have any questions, contact the companies you’re looking at for help finding the answers. They should have no issues getting you the support you need; if they do, they’re not the company for you.