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The Popularity of Fantasy Football Amongst the Hispanic Community

In the United States, football is the absolute king of sports. Most of the country becomes absolutely enamored during the football season. Even those who are usually not interested in sports have a favorite football team, or player, that they follow meticulously.

Football Around the World

The love of football is not just limited to the USA though. Canadians also hold a deep passion for the sport. Whether it be American or Canadian football, both are a huge draw in the North American countries. Football’s popularity has also led to the rise of fantasy football. Studies have shown that a vast number of football fans also participate in fantasy football. 

But, how wide is the appeal of football or its fantasy variant? As some of you may know, the game is hugely popular in the USA and Canada, and enjoys a bit of popularity in the UK, Japan, and Germany. However, most countries around the world are not interested in the sport. 

Which begs the question, is the Hispanic community at all interested in football or fantasy football? In this article, we are going to look over that question. But first, we must answer what exactly is fantasy football.

What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is a rather complex game, which any fan of football can play. For those who are not familiar, the game involves fans going through a fantasy draft, in which they compile their very own team. The fantasy players are then awarded points based on how well the real players perform during the season. Because fantasy football is so popular nowadays, a lot of sports betting sites have added it as an option. Meaning that if you are interested in the game, it is now just a click away. 

Before you do so, however, you should know that there are several different versions of the game. Some are a lot more complex and difficult than others. So, before you start playing, familiarize yourself with the following versions: 

  • Daily – despite what the name might indicate, daily fantasy football doesn’t necessarily last a day. Rather, it is an accelerated version of the typical game, that can last a day, few days, or even a week. 
  • Standard – at the start of each season, the participants select the players they want to join their fantasy team. Just like a real draft. From there, the game unfolds as usual.
  • Extended – players select their teams, and stick with them indefinitely. This is the most complex and difficult version of the game.

Fantasy Football and the Hispanic Community

Now that you know what fantasy football is, the question of how popular it is among the Hispanic community remains. The truth is that most Hispanic countries (Spain, Argentina, etc.) have very little interest in football (specifically American/Canadian football). There is, however, an exception. Football is pretty popular in Mexico.

If you didn’t know, Mexico has the largest NFL fanbase outside of the United States of America. While soccer still dominates in terms of numbers, football has become the second most popular sport in the country. So, it is unsurprising that many Mexicans are also interested in fantasy football. The game has grown in popularity, proportionately with the sport.

But it doesn’t just stop with Mexico. Hispanics make up a good chunk of the US and Canada population. Caught up in the culture of the United States, the US Hispanic community is even more deeply enthralled with the sport. And absolutely the same thing can be said for the Canadian Hispanic population. In fact, as Canada has recently begun to legalize online sports betting and gambling, many Canadian Hispanics are discovering new ways to make some extra cash online. 

Final Thoughts

Football’s popularity is growing worldwide. While not nearly as embraced as soccer, basketball, and tennis, the game still has gained a rather large following. This fact is especially true in Mexico, where the NFL is the second most popular sporting event, and the game in general is second only to soccer.

With this rise in popularity, it is only natural that fantasy football has also experienced a growth. If we look at the statistics, we will see that most football fans are also fantasy football players. And while the Hispanic community is mostly interested in fantasy soccer, their curiosity about football has certainly been piqued.