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Five Great Benefits of E-cigarettes

Vaping has become a mass movement, and e-cigarettes have become firmly embedded in the pop culture of the new millennium.

The proliferation of e-cigarettes, seen mostly as a youth phenomenon, also hides important positive health effects. So not only Cloud Chasing, but also real benefits that can help smokers kick their bad habits and quit smoking.

E-cigarette vapor has nothing in common with the smoke of traditional internal combustion cigarettes or other alternatives.

E-cigarette liquids can be easily purchased at online stores. These are liquids you can flavor at will (even tobacco flavors if you want) and, depending on the device, can produce more or less dense vapors. Let’s look at what’s in e-liquid and then move on to the main benefits ecigarette.

What Substances does E-Liquid Contain?

Of course, it contains nicotine. But of all the substances that are produced by smoking, nicotine is probably the most toxicologically harmless. It is not toxic in the dose consumed by the smoker. In liquid, it evaporates along with the main carrier substance, propylene glycol, and a small amount of glycerin. The liquid also contains additives, mostly flavorings. The manufacturers emphasize that all flavorings used are permitted. However, most of them are only for consumption, not for inhalation. So we say: the use of e-cigarettes is a large-scale experiment on humans. We don’t know what happens when you inhale propylene glycol and flavorings for years.

First Benefit: Lung Health

E-cigarette vapor does not irritate the lungs. Being water-based liquids, their effect on the lungs is far from harmful.

Indeed, smokers can get immediate relief when they start smoking the best e cigarettes. These vapors cleanse the airways of excess catarrh and mucus, relieving years of smoke irritation.

One of the annoyances that avid smokers usually complain about once they switch to an e-cigarette is excessive mucus secretion. This happens precisely because the vapor cleans the bronchi and other lung structures.

It is estimated that this benefit improves lung health by 25-75%, allowing a quick recovery in respiratory capacity and eliminating any asthmatic attacks due to cigarette smoking.

Second Benefit: Increased Breathing Capacity

This is one of cigarette use’s first and most obvious negative effects. Smokers may notice a significant delay in respiratory recovery from the first few months. Even people with good athletic training may see a rapid deterioration in their condition after starting to smoke.

On the other hand, those who use an e-cigarette inhale only the vapor and, for that reason, do not damage their breathing capacity at all.

There is no more heavy, labored breathing or shortness of breath. Using the best e cigarette can quickly restore lung volume and improve bronchial health.

Third Benefit: Restoring your Sense of Smell and Taste

Smell and taste are the two senses most affected by tobacco smoking. It is not an immediate consequence, but avid smokers can experience significant deterioration in their sense of smell and taste after a few years.

It is no coincidence that very specific professions, such as sommeliers, require total abstinence from smoking.

The sensory cells in the nose and tongue (taste buds) are damaged by prolonged exposure to hot smoke from burning cigarettes and are irritated by many substances in the smoke.

Using an electronic cigarette can restore olfactory and taste sensitivity, allowing you to regain control of your nose and mouth.

Fourth Benefit: Resume Exercise

Especially for all smokers over the age of 45, sports activities become essential to maintaining optimal health.

However, smoking cigarettes and trying to exercise is impossible. Not only does smoking severely damage one’s respiratory capacity, but breathing recovery is much slower.

A smoker who tries to exercise, especially if they have been smoking cigarettes for more than a decade and are over 45 years old, is at serious risk for asthma attacks and breathing problems.

On the contrary, the benefits of the best e cigs make it possible to resume exercising precisely because they significantly improve lung health quickly.

On the contrary, resuming sports activities is also a great incentive to quit smoking without an e-cigarette.

Fifth Advantage: Non-traumatic Passage

The fifth advantage of the e-cigarette is the ability to make a non-traumatic transition from being an avid smoker to a non-smoker.

Years and years of habits, gestures, and rituals keep smokers from wanting to quit. In many cases, lighting a cigarette is already a gesture in itself that is relaxing and satisfying. So all the motions of bringing a cigarette to the mouth and inhaling the smoke are almost automatic for many smokers.

The best electronic cigarette allows you to keep this ritual intact without causing excessive stress to the smoker’s psyche. This gradualness of the process is its main advantage for those who want to change their lives and quit smoking.

The False Myth about E-cigarettes: “Shot in the Throat.”

We can’t close this overview of the benefits of e-cigarettes without mentioning the “throat shot”, one of the main arguments against it.

In most cases, Avid smokers attribute e-cigarettes to the drawback of not returning the same sensation as a regular cigarette. It’s a throat hit or the feeling of a full puff that fills your mouth with smoke.

However, this is a false myth. The fullness of a puff is an experience that is also made available by e-cigarettes, provided you choose models that provide greater vapor production and density.

Many of the best e cig models allow you to customize the puff to give the same feel as a cigarette puff to satisfy even the most demanding smoker.

Hence, the real crux of the matter is to decide in favor of your health!


E-cigarettes cannot be definitively evaluated based on the available research. There are no meaningful long-term studies. It’s still unclear how harmful they are in the long term, and not all the risks have long been investigated. If you don’t need anything, no cigarettes or e-cigarettes, you’re living the healthiest life possible. But if you’re planning to quit smoking cigarettes, vaping might be worth considering as an alternative.