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O.C. Register Publishing Conspiracy Theories in Op/Ed Section, Author Cites ‘No Evidence’

December 11, 2022

In today’s Opinion Section, the OC Register published a story by Neo-con Susan Shelley touting Elon Musk’s promised release of information that Twitter “censored and suppressed speech that expressed certain viewpoints.”

Which ones would that be Ms. Shelley because according to a New York Times study, after Musk overpaid for Twitter, the use of the “N” word, antisemitism, and hate speech skyrocketed.
Did Shelley write about that? Nope.

She went on to quote another person who claimed suppression, “I’m curious about what role the government played in Twitter suppression of COVID policy discussion. We will see in time I suppose.”

Quote someone who stated, “I suppose,” what’s next Shelley, “some people say?”

She fell even deeper into the COVID conspiracy hole when she said Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health published a “takedown of certain information about the harm of lockdowns during the pandemic.” I lost five friends to COVID Ms. Shelley.

Then it hit….HUNTER BIDEN’s laptop!!!! Joe Biden and Ukraine! I love Kevin MCCarthy!

Shelley claims Twitter blocked Biden information quoting noted great journalist Matt Taiibbi who now works for Musk (HUH?). But then Shelley shockingly wrote , “Taibbi has no evidence to prove his theory.”

Shelley fell further down the rabbit hole, quoting James Woods who stated, “never in my life did I imagine my speech would be suppressed on the worlds biggest forum by the central committee of a political party.”

What’s next Shelley? Going after Hillary Clinton for Benghazi?

It is amazing to see what is going on in the media these days; a major daily newspaper that used to be libertarian has now gone the direction espousing Q Anon conspiracy theories.

“Old man Hoiles” as we used to call him, would be shocked; Hoiles lived a few houses from me on the street where I grew up.

To see the below-ground level “Publishers” Ron Hasse and Frank Pine have taken the newspaper is absolutely disgusting, it is my assertion they don’t read the paper before publishing.

And given what was published today, they should resign.

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