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Online Casino Market is Booming in New Zealand – Here’s Why!

The iGaming industry has been on a constant rise for the past decade. Even now it’s still expanding, as more countries are creating infrastructure to legalize internet gambling. That being said, New Zealand probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind, when someone mentions online gambling. Believe it or not, the iGaming industry really took off there, and there are plenty of factors that explain this phenomenon. Here we will talk about different reasons why online casinos are so popular in New Zealand. 



Mobile Casinos 

Generally speaking the main appeal of online gambling is that it is widely accessible. Almost all websites are mobile-friendly, and people can play slots or other casino games on the go. All of the popular online casino nz or operators available in New Zealand, either have a website optimized for small-screen devices or have an app that users can download. When you take into consideration that roughly 92% of New Zealanders have smartphones, it’s not surprising that this hobby managed to spread so rapidly. 

Lack of Similar Entertainment

Land-based gambling establishments provide a more social and memorable experience. However, you need to live in a big city or urban environment for them to work. New Zealand doesn’t have a big population density, and it would be simply too inconvenient for gamblers to go to brick-and-mortar sportsbooks or a casino. Online gambling operators are an ideal solution to this problem. Plus there is a big selection of live dealer games nowadays. These can actually provide more social gameplay, given how players interact with a real person. 

Aussie Influence 

Another reason why online gambling is so popular in New Zealand, is due to the company they keep. Australia ranks number 1 on the list of countries that gamble the most.

  1. Australia 
  2. Singapore
  3. Ireland 
  4. Canada
  5. Finland    

Both Australia and NZ have a high number of rugby fans, and rugby teams do get sponsored by gambling companies. Basically, sports and gambling have become inseparable, and it’s not uncommon for sports fans to take up this hobby. 

Liberal Gambling Laws 

The regulatory framework plays a big role here. New Zealanders have access to an array of foreign operators. Additionally, those operators care about this market and want to localize their site and make it more appealing to this audience. Users can play games on sites or apps from Malta, Curacao, or the UK. This makes the market more competitive. In other words, people in New Zealand have access to all of the best games the iGaming industry has to offer.  


On top of all that, they don’t pay taxes on their winnings. Whenever someone scores big there is no obligation to give up on the portion of that money. Lastly, they have access to sites that offer sports betting options, online poker, and fantasy sports. So, there really isn’t a type of content that is restricted here. When you take into consideration that users can claim bonuses for the type of gambling they enjoy you get a pretty good idea why the industry is thriving here. 


To sum up, New Zealand is an ideal market for this industry. People don’t have quick access to land-based casinos. They get to enjoy content and bonuses from international operators, and they can do all of that on their phones. Most importantly, they really enjoy gambling, and they do have a solid living standard. So, even if they end up losing money, there are no serious or adverse impacts on their financial well-being.