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What Counts More for Students: the Grades You Earned or the Knowledge You Gained?

From a young age, we are told that we need to do well in school and university and then get a prestigious job. But the problem is that the modern grading system does not show the real level of knowledge. So many questions arise. What is more important to students: grades or learning?

Attitude Towards Learning

Some high school and college students take the importance of high grades extremely seriously. Not all children are inherently rebellious and are willing to stand up for personal desires. A kid who cares about parental or peer approval will do whatever it takes to meet expectations.

In most cases, “bad” students suffer from chronic stress and an inferiority complex. Imagine being constantly picked on, parents judging, the teacher is not pleased with you, and more successful peers are communicating with obvious contempt. No adult could live peacefully in such an atmosphere. And high school students often spend most of their childhood under stress. At best, the not-so-successful pupils form their own companies, and at worst, they become outcasts, forever estranged from their parents. Are earned grades that important?

Undoubtedly, getting an education is an important stage in every person’s life. However, today a student does not understand why he or she should spend most of her life getting marks. You simply need to see college as a process of learning about the world around you, socializing, and finding yourself. So, how do you change your attitude toward grades? Schools and institutions were originally designed to produce knowledge, not tests and memorized rules. These are the important distinctions between modern education and the past system of evaluation.

Unfortunately, some kids are forced to spend more time studying than on social life and sport. There is a way out of this situation if one found assignment help services on time and reached the balance between education and other similarly essential aspects. Specialists will help with any task. The service offers quality writing help in Canada. The student can be sure that soon he will have much more free time.

Grading System

In modern schools, they also use techniques to get children interested in receiving good grades during a lesson. Of course, there are many pluses in this system. Contesting with classmates, unwillingness to perform worse than others, the desire to get to regional tournaments, and much more: the same competition between classes on the overall score increases the desire of the child to learn as well as possible.

As long as you’re in today’s education system, grades play an important role. Unfamiliar people will always assume that a pupil’s marks are the result of his or her studies. But, after university, this system will cease to work and will have to rely only on work and knowledge. And a person will be treated solely on the basis of his merits and successes. Gained knowledge is much more important than grades.

There is no direct correlation between marks at school and how life will turn out in the future. However, many tend to go to extremes. They either get hung up on it, or they let things go on their own. Students with the same marks often have different, sometimes incomparable levels of knowledge. It is easier to get good grades in an unchallenging class than in a demanding one. That is, marks are always relative.

How Can the Years-Long Race for Grades End?

The mission “to study well” puts so much pressure on students that about 17% try antidepressants, nootropics, and neurostimulators even before graduation. The worst part is that parents can encourage such a passion for pharmaceuticals and buy additional stimulants themselves.

As a result, by the time students graduate from college, they get very real diagnoses:

  • Neuroses;
  • Insomnia;
  • Depression;
  • Irreversible changes in posture.

The most ambitious have a persistent addiction to alcohol and dependence on light drugs, sleeping pills, and antidepressants. And after all, health care should be a priority for any person.


Now we understand what is the difference between grades and educational knowledge. Of course, every student dreams of ensuring a comfortable future for themselves. But you should not sacrifice interests and hobbies for the sake of high grades. Such an approach will lead to the fact that a pupil or student will lose interest in learning new things long before finishing school. Grades are important but not the main part of the academic process.