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Atlantic City Casinos Smoking Policy — Should Smoking Be Banned in Casinos?

Smoking and gambling are two components that are irreplaceable for casino fans. The vast majority of gamers spend their time at roulette, cards, or machines without putting a cigarette out of their hands. This allows them to concentrate on the process, set themselves up for success, and make the right decision. It would seem that in Atlantic City casino smoking does not bother anyone.

On the contrary, there is a constant influx of gamblers in such halls. But if you look at the problem from another angle, the dealers are exposed to passive smoking for a long period of time. This has a negative impact on their health, which serves as an impetus for community activists who live in the territory of the gambling zone.

Ban Casino Smoking: Potential Drawbacks

To assess the potential disadvantages of ban casino smoking, it is enough to read the report of the research company Spectrum Gaming Group. The organization focuses on gambling, carefully approaching its work. According to the study:

  • about 21% of gamblers smoke when playing casino games;
  • visitors with a cigarette are a priority, as they spend relatively more real money;
  • smoking gamblers not only invest considerable sums in the game but also actively use additional paid services.

Atlantic City non smoking casino will not have the usual popularity. This will reduce revenue by 11%. In addition, job cuts are also possible. This will not affect the New Jersey online casino because the entrance to the virtual hall is available at any convenient location. The gambler can play at home or in the countryside without giving up his favorite cigars. Accordingly, gambling visitors will always have a choice: go to a land-based non-smoking hall or visit an NJ online casino.

NJ Atlantic City Smoking on Casino: Gambling Zone Owners Against Bans

According to casino owners, the gambling industry is facing serious problems. First, the pandemic caused a blow. The smoking ban is on its way. It provoked a decrease in the number of visitors, as well as the level of employment to a 20-year low.

In 2021, a smoking ban was already being considered at the legislative level. But the project failed. Now the proposal has been brought back to the forefront, and it has received bipartisan support.

If we compare the rate of return in NJ Atlantic City smoking on casino and non-smoking halls, they are significantly different. The initiators of the idea point out that visitors with a cigarette will be replaced by gamblers who lead a healthy lifestyle. This is due to data from 2008, when New Jersey casinos implemented a four-week ban on smoking in all rooms. During this period, the earnings were higher, which pleased the public. After all, when the financial performance of the casino is reduced, the amount of taxes paid to the budget is automatically decreased.

So, on the one hand, the legislative bodies want to improve the health of residents. On the other hand, they are not ready to exclude significant amounts from the budget.

Atlantic City Non Smoking Casino: the Opinion of the Gambling Industry Employees

Employees of gambling sites are in favor of ban casino smoking. It is caused by the fact that they have to work in negative conditions. Gamblers sometimes smoke to the point that there is a smokescreen in the hall. They have to get as close to them as possible to maintain contact with the visitors. Otherwise, the dealers do not see anything.

But the disadvantages are not limited to communication problems. Passive smoking leads to all kinds of diseases, as well as higher mortality rates among the population. Dealers who work in smoking rooms for long periods of time (six months or more) face respiratory problems.

Employees also claim that smokers only spend more money in poker rooms, where they are allowed to smoke. If they choose slots, however, players occasionally have to make stops. They go out to the smoking area, often making conversation with other visitors.


The support for Atlantic city non smoking casino gives a twofold impression. On the one hand, it is a necessary measure to preserve the health of the nation. On the other hand, it is a step towards reducing the profitability of the casinos and reducing tax payments.  In any case, the problem must be solved. If it is accepted on a legislative level, the flow-out of gamblers to other clubs is possible. For example, in online casinos, where you can get big rewards. Time will tell how land-based gambling institutions will resolve the situation. It is possible that they will launch a large-scale advertising campaign and offer better conditions.