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ABC Board President  Soo Yoo Hurls Yet  Another Prejudiced Comment at Hispanics


By Brian Hews

At a meeting a few months ago, current 67th Assembly candidate and ABC School Board President Soo Yoo was caught on tape admonishing Hispanics for holding Quinceañeras.

In the video, Yoo could be heard telling attendants that “Latinos should not have Quinceaneras, they should spend the money on education.”

Now the ascerbic Yoo, who is actively courting Latinos for votes in an attempt to win the 67th District, is once again walking back her latest statement about Hispanics.

During this week’s board meeting, two young ABCUSD students bravely stepped up to the podium to read their poems about Hispanic Heritage Month; Ms. Lopez, a ninth-grade student at Cerritos High and Mr. Guzman a seventh-grader from Fedde Middle School.

Both students spoke of their heritage and the sacrifices their parents made for them, the different cultures in the Hispanic community and that Hispanic Heritage Month should not just be celebrated during one month but all year.

After comments from other board members President Yoo, lobbed her insensitive and prejudiced slur.

Soo said, “Muchas gracias jovenes, you did good. There are 45% Latinos in California; what you guys shared tonight, it was very touching and empowering the youth. 

“Maybe we can even strike a breakthrough in finding solutions to help your peers with the rising drug problem.”

There was a pause in the room before everyone clapped for the children.

HMG-CN learned  from residents watching the meeting who texted HMG-CN angry about Yoo’s comment, “did I just hear what I thought, ridiculous,” texted one person. “Just like her Quinceanera comment, racist. What is she saying only Hispanics have drug problems?”

This is not the first time Yoo’s prejudiced remarks have been brought to light. Some were calling her to resign her seat after Yoo attended a meeting with notorious alt-right proud boy supporter Gracey Van Der Mark, who spewed her alt-right vitriol bashing LGBTQ kids at the meeting and questioning what teachers are doing in classrooms.



AGAINST EDUCATION: Van Der Mark (left) with ABC VP Soo Yoo and Trustee Mike Eugenio under the prohibition sign with a slash through the state’s Department of Education seal.


Yoo, and Board Member Michael Eugenio. were accused by parents of giving the impression that the ABCUSD was endorsing the Van Der Mark and the meeting. Parents slammed both Yoo and Eugenio on social media and at the next board meeting for attending the meeting.


BRINGING RACISM TO CERRITOS-  Van De Mark at an alt-right rally. Behind Van De Mark (front) is a woman flashing a white supremacist sign.







ALT-RIGHT PROTEST: Holding a protest flag, Gracey Van Der Mark marches in an alt-right event where some of the members ended up in Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us.”