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Gang War in Hawaiian Gardens, L.A.C. Sheriff Tell Officials ‘We Are Short-Staffed’

By Brian Hews

October 10, 2022~They are the Hawaiian Gardens 13, the Artesia 13, the Chivas 13, and the Norwalk 13, and when they start fighting, everybody knows it, and anyone can get hurt.

This past Friday evening, a man in his 40s was driving with his young son and was shot at; tragically, the man was killed while the young boy suffered minor injuries.

The man’s son is a student at Fedde Middle School, and school officials are offering support for the family; the mother understandably wanted to put the son on the online independent study program the ABC District uses.

On Saturday evening, another shooting occurred, with a man shot in the hip. Before the shooting, profanities and gang-related words could be heard yelled between the combatants.

The ABC District is taking action; all schools related to Hawaiian Gardens will have extra resources beginning today, including Hawaiian Elementary School, Furgeson ES, Melbourne ES, Fedde MS, Haskell MS, and Tracy High.

But the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s, whose spokesperson is Cerritos City Councilwoman Lynda Johnson, and who lives right next door to Hawaiian Gardens in Cerritos, has done little up to now.

According to sources, after asking for assistance in the latest gang war, the Lakewood Sheriff’s told local officials you are basically on your own.

In one conversation, the sheriff told a local official, “the Sheriff’s department is short-staffed and cannot provide additional support as requested.”

Meanwhile, the gang fight goes on in Hawaiian Gardens, and the city and the ABC District are doing their best to allay fears without full-fledged support from Sheriff Deputies.