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Pico Rivera, Other Cities, See Decrease in Homeless Population

September 13, 2022

By Brian Hews

The growth of the homeless population in Los Angeles County slowed from 2020-2022 according to results of the newly released homeless count from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

The LAHSA found that the region’s homeless population grew by 4%, from 66,436 in 2020 to 69,144 in 2022. The percentage of those individuals living indoors in shelters increased from 28% to 31%.

HMG-CN analyzed other cities in the area, the following cities saw a decrease:

Pico Rivera’s homeless population decreased slightly from 170 to 166 (4), a 2% decrease; the numbers are down from a peak in 2019 of 205 (39), a nearly 20% drop in three years.

Pico Rivera Steve Carmona told HMG-CN, “The city council has always taken a compassionate approach without compromising the quality of life for all our residents in dealing with our homeless population. As a result, we have seen a decrease in our numbers due to the city directing resources to deal with this complex issue.”

South Gate’s homeless population decreased from 399 to 340 (59), a 15% decrease; this is good news; homeless numbers in the city have been rising since 2018.

Downey’s homeless population decreased from 258 to 218 (40), a 15% decrease; all are unsheltered. The city logged 174 homeless in 2019.

Bellflower’s homeless population decreased from 242 to 175 (59), a 28% decrease. Numbers had been increasing since 2019; 64 homeless are sheltered.

Commerce’s homeless population decreased from 182 to 83 (99), a 54% decrease. The 83 is down from a high of 257 in 2019, dropping 174.

Maywood’s homeless population decreased from 46 to 19 (27), a 59% decrease; numbers had risen since 2017.

Huntington Park’s homeless population decreased from 282 to 86 (196), a 70% decrease.

Bell’s homeless population decreased from 282 to 86 (96), a 70% decrease. The tiny city had seen a massive increase from 134 in 2018 to 495 in 2019 (+269% ).

Finally, Artesia’s homeless population decreased from 24 to 0, a 100% decrease.