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New Principals for Downey Unified School District

NEW DIGS: from (l-r) two principals as they transition to new elementary schools:  Ms. Calvo, new principal of Imperial Elementary School and Ms. Meehan new principal of Price Elementary School. Transitioning from staff to principal Ms. Barrios, at Williams Elementary School and Ms. Diaz, at Ward Elementary.


AUGUST 16, 2022

BY Tammye McDuff

Downey Unified School district is proud to present four new elementary school principals as they prepare to kick off a new school year.

Two principals will transition to new elementary schools: Ms. Calvo, new principal of Imperial Elementary School and Ms. Meehan new principal of Price Elementary School. Two staff members advance as first-time principals: Ms. Barrios, new principal of Williams Elementary School and Ms. Diaz, new principal of Ward Elementary School.

“At Imperial Elementary, we believe in educating the whole child in a safe and nurturing environment,” stated  Cary Calvo , “Our staff is committed to developing our students as 21st-Century learners by teaching students to collaborate, communicate, think critically, promote creativity, and be citizens of good character. We are a district that believes Our Kids Deserve the best.” The mission at Imperial Elementary is to educate students for a productive life. Imperial Elementary School provides challenging academics with a common core curriculum on a supportive and caring campus. Calvo is the former principal of Williams Elementary School, but now leads the pack for the Imperial Bulldog family.

Peggy Meehan steps into the role of principal of Price Elementary School home of the Panthers, “As an instructional leader, I am dedicated to fostering a growth mindset and supporting the whole child. I am also committed to providing on-going, supportive channels of communication and building relationships with all key partners. Together we will continue to inspire our students to be innovative leaders who are college and career ready, globally competitive, and citizens of strong character.”  Meehan loves to travel with her family, hike and play board games; she is a big Angels fan and loves attending concerts.

Downey Unified appointed former vice principal, Billie Barrios, will take the lead as principal at Williams Elementary School.  Barrios believes in teamwork, home-to-school collaboration and supporting the whole child so that students will succeed in all areas of their lives. “We take pride in your student’s education and work to ensure every student reaches their fullest potential. We support the whole child through a rigorous academic program, STEAM, Robotics, Tech Squad, Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports, and Social Emotional Learning Practices.”  Her motto is ‘every student matters, every moment counts.”

Former Online Elementary principal, Gladys Diaz, steps into role as the new principal for Ward Elementary Wildcats. She was principal in 2016, “I wish I could properly express to you what a sweet return is for me. My experiences have given me a passion for working with all learners, building upon their strengths and bringing about the kindness that already exists in us all.” Diaz is herself a product of DUSD, attending Griffith’s Middle School and graduating from Warren High School. In her free time she loves horseback riding and the California ocean sunsets. “I love Downey Unified so much that it is the only district where I ever want to work,” she exclaimed.

Each of these four schools have all communicated these changes to their new and current families; however, Downey Unified wants to share this news with the community so each can be welcomed and congratulated as the new school year starts on Wednesday, Aug. 17.