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History Of The American Education System

The USA has been one of the greatest educational capitals in the world. Wealth and enlightenment have always been correlated. The history of US education starts its roots in the 17th century and continues up to now.

In this article, we are going to provide you with a brief, detailed history of public education in the United States. This text is based on real dates from the government and research paper. Interested? Forward reading!

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17th Century – The Starting Point

The seventeenth century was the actual start of education in corresponding institutions because of the opening of Boston Latin School. The tutor technology appeared at the start of the 11th century, therefore, a part of the students in the first Boston school was already literate. They were capable of reading and writing. 

You may guess that education wasn’t available for everybody. First of all, most children were living in the villages, where any educational facilities were absent. What’s more, schools were very expensive, and the folks couldn’t afford such luxury.

The Frequent Opening Of Schools

Later, the government started building educational centers in small towns and big villages. Hence, each one could become a student, visit grammar school, study science, reading and writing. Before, Kids could only study basic geometry problems this way, but nowadays, they can get the trigonometry question and answers thanks to these types of services momentarily. However, it was a real and exclusive chance to become aware of grammar essentials.

What’s more, the was discrimination of genders. It’s reasonable why women and men had different laws, surely, the men had more.  That’s why education was more accessible for boys than girls. Surely, the number of college institutions was prevailing.

Religion – The Most Accessible Provider Of Education 

If you were in periods when education was only twisting up, you most possibly became a student of religion college. It’s just enough to be under faith and be ready to determine a full (or a part) of life to God. Hence, it was accessible to everybody who wishes.

Such education was quality, low-cost and even free to some groups of citizens. However, the specification of teaching was a bit different. When the traditional schools were intensively improving scientific aspects, schools in churches were focusing on family, community and moral values.

The War Changed Everything

In 1875, the revolutionary war with 9 years of durability started, and, assuredly, it impacted the history of US education. Most teachers and tutors were mobilized. However, during the war, the knowledge of grammar was extremely vital. That’s why there began the rapid production of self-teaching textbooks. So crucial was the ability to possess elementary science and math, but soldiers had a lot of gaps. This period influenced the chain of American Education development. 

The war intimidated dark-coloured and white people, hence, in 1799, African Americans could within the educational facilities too. John Chavis was the first black-coloured student in the history of public education. By the way, he was applying to Lee and Washington universities. 

24 years later, Alexander Lucious Twilight was that one african-raced person, who achieved the degree of bachelor in the college of the Middlebury. What’s more, Mary Jane Patterson stood as the first Afroamerican female student of Oberling college. It was the leaking moment in the history of education in America!

Modern Position

For decades, the diploma of education at universities and colleges in the USA are getting more and more prestige. Below, we are going to share you with the list of top education facilities in the United States of America. Also, we will mention the names of world-famous stars, that we are studying there!

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The List of Top Universities In The USA

Meet a list of top-leading universities in the USA:

  • Massachusetts University
  • American University in Washington.
  • Princeton University.
  • Harvard.
  • Yale University.

Above are the most famous universities with a premium quality of teaching, however, if other universities aren’t as well-known as they, it doesn’t mean that it’s rubbish! World celebrities proved it!

The star of Netflix “Riverdale” Camila Mendes (Veronika in the series) has a Bachelor’s degree from New York University, as well as her colleague Cole Sprouse. Other graduates from UCLA  are Emily Ratajkowski, Mayim Bialik, Gabrielle Union actrice, etc.

From their interviews about life, you may find stunning facts and positions, which happened during their student life. All the students of USA universities assure about its quality and pleasant studying, friendly students and aced professors.


Since the 1600th, American universities were getting the leading positions in the world. However, in this article, we have revealed the history of American education. Everything started with home tutors, but the opening of the first school in Boston changed everything.

We also presented you with the fee of religion in the liberating industry. The revolutionary also corrected self-education, as well as calming the conflict between two races. After that, black-skinned were allowed to study.