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What Are The Other Names For Weed?

The number of fun slang for weed that exists today is staggering. There are way too many names for marijuana out there to remember. But it is always a good idea to know some of the most famous ones so that you’re not left wondering what someone around you is talking about. It can take quite some time to go over all the cool weed names that are still used, even after such a long time. 

The flower of the Pink Lemonade Strain, for example, which is smoked is usually called a bud. This bud can be smoked in various ways. One of the most common is to roll it in a specific paper and burn it like a cigarette. This is called a joint. There are other methods of consuming cannabis smoke too, like vape pens and bongs. 

Many of the names we see today are those that were introduced when marijuana was illegal. Even now that it’s legal in many states, a lot of the names have become part of the culture. For people who are new to consuming cannabis though, it’s important to get the main terms out of the way before we talk about slang for marijuana. 

Let’s now jump into some of the most common slang for marijuana that you are likely to hear. 

Words For Weed Slang Based on Quality

There are various categorizations when it comes to other names for weed that are commonly used. For example, some cool weed names are used to define cannabis that has a very good quality:

  • Good Stuff
  • Black Gold
  • Fine Stuff
  • Buddha
  • Za Za
  • Gas
  • Nixon
  • Golden Leaf

On the contrary, here are some words to identify bad cannabis:

  • Brown
  • Leaf
  • Green
  • Bobby
  • Dirt Grass
  • Cabbage
  • Rough Stuff

Words For Weed Slang Based On Location

Different countries and cultures have their own slang for marijuana, as one might imagine. Depending on which region of the world you’re in, you might hear some of these words for weed slang:

In the US and Canada:

  • Grass
  • Pot
  • Mary Jane
  • Hash
  • Dope
  • Ganja
  • Skunk
  • Herb

One very interesting thing to know is that the DEA has its own list of funny slang for marijuana. Some of these include:

  • Crazy Weed
  • Tex-Mex
  • Rainy Day Woman
  • Devil’s Lettuce
  • Lime Pillows
  • Blue Dream
  • Pocket Rocket

In Mexico:

  • Hierba
  • Grifo
  • Mota
  • Pacheco

In Australia:

  • Choof
  • Hooch

In the UK:

  • Zoot
  • Peng
  • Teahead

Words For Weed Slang Based On Mixtures

Some of the other names for weed also come as a result of what other drugs cannabis is mixed with. There are some drugs like cocaine and heroin that people often mix marijuana with to create strong products. And each mixture has its own set of cool weed names.

With Heroin:

  • Woolie
  • Brown
  • Atom Bomb
  • Woo-Woo
  • Woola

With Cocaine:

  • Hooter
  • Caviar
  • Dust
  • Jim Jones
  • Chase
  • Cocoa Puffs
  • Banano

Words For Weed Slang Based On Accessories

Just like weed itself, there are interesting and fun names for the various accessories, like cigarettes, that are associated with cannabis consumption. Some of these names include: 

  • Joy Stick
  • Magic Dragon
  • Cripple
  • Weed Bunts
  • Tommy Chong
  • Happy Cigarette
  • L Pape

Slang Words For Getting High

Some of the most common words you will hear revolve around the actual process of smoking and/or getting high. These words can often come as a surprise to new smokers who haven’t heard them before, because some of them are actually quite strange and funny, like ‘Biting One’s Lips’. Here are some others:

  • Blazing
  • Burning One
  • Toking
  • Blowing
  • Getting the Wind
  • Torching Up
  • Boothing the Gong
  • Blowing a Stick
  • Clam Baking
  • Hitting the Hay
  • Mowing the Grass


Slang Words for Measurements

When you go to buy some cannabis, it is important to be aware of some of the most common slang names for different packages as well as measurements that are used in the market. Otherwise, you might just get confused about what you’re buying and how much of it you’re buying. Here are some popular names for different measurements of cannabis that you can research:

  • Bag
  • Stash
  • Dub
  • Eighth
  • Quarter
  • Bale
  • Tin
  • Nickel Bag
  • 40 Sack


When it comes to other names for weed, there are a whole lot of them. One may not be able to learn all of them or even need to use many of them but it is always a good idea to educate yourself about whatever you can. Many of the cool weed names in our list here are not just fun to learn – they can also come in handy when you are trying to purchase cannabis. For newcomers in the world of cannabis, this knowledge can help them feel more comfortable while having a discussion with someone about marijuana. Whatever the reason may be though, knowing some slang for marijuana can be a fun and helpful experience.