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Top Tips for Amateur Sewers

If you have only been sewing for a couple of years and started your new hobby during one of the numerous lockdowns of the pandemic, or else have been interested in sewing since you were young and now consider yourself to be somewhat of a dab hand – then you have definitely arrived at the right place!

Here, for your information and reading pleasure, are some top tips for amateur sewers.


1.    Take Extra Care with Seam Allowances


If you have not already discovered this the hard way, it is absolutely true to say – regardless of what your sewing patterns and books may state, that every single project and every single stitch, requires a different amount of spare seam allowance.

Furthermore, if you do attempt to either estimate, or else be cautious, when it comes to leaving enough seam allowance, it is highly likely that you will discover your mistake far too late and your precious handiwork will be irrevocably ruined.

To make sure that you are accounting for the correct seam allowance for each and every sewing project you start, the best thing to do, is practice on a scrap of the same fabric and mark the exact place, either with your sewing machine or pressure foot.


2.   Fabric is Everything!


The quality of the fabric you choose to use for your next sewing project, is the primary factor in deciding the standard of the final piece, so you should always choose a fabric which lends itself to being tailored by a sewing machine.

There is a wide variety of incredibly cheap fabrics and material-sets out there, both on the high street, and from online vendors, but you’d be wise to choose thicker and stronger materials, especially when making clothing items.


3.   Invest in Quality Equipment


When choosing a sewing machine, it is incredibly important to spend time researching the right type and make, that best suits not only your own personal preferences, but also the style of sewing you enjoy, and the kinds of things you like to make.

Additionally, quality equipment and accessories are important – never be fooled by exceedingly cheap needles, machines, cotton and pedal covers – they are likely to be faulty and probably won’t last long.

If you need to replace your sewing machine needles, then GoldStar Tools have a fantastically wide range of different sizes and specifications, so you are sure to find the right needle to fit your sewing machine.


4.   Don’t Run Before You Can Walk!


When you have just finished a sewing project and are eager to get stuck into the next, it is crucial to choose a sewing pattern that matches your experience and skillset.

As with anything else worthy of being completed properly, it is important to build up to a more complicated sewing pattern, and what’s more, it is very possible that you may become frustrated and even disinterested in sewing, if you attempt something that is too tricky, too quickly.