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Up-to-Date Local Election Results

By Brian Hews

June 16, 2022~In the new 30th District, Bob Archuleta at 31,155 will battle Mitch Clemmons who garnered 28,476 in Los Angeles; Clemmons is ahead of Archuleta in Red Orange County 5,255 to 2,996.

Henry Bouchet,  who outright lied and defamed HMG-CN, telling constituents he gave “money to the newspaper” came in last place; he had resigned his Whittier City Council seat he paid over $100,000 to get.

In the 67th District, Sharon Quirk-Silva will be locked in a battle with ABC Board Member Soo Yoo; Silva leads Yoo  3,975 to 3,438 in L.A.; 25,357 to 20,373 in the OC, total 29,332 QS to 23,810 Yoo.

This newspaper wants Yoo to resign her ABC Board seat given her alt-right views and the fact her attention will be pulled in three different directions; as an ABC board member; as a business owner and as a assembly candidate. Given the choice to rank the three, Yoo’s duties at ABC will certainly be neglected.

Yoo has also met with Critical Race Theory and known white supremacists, told Mexicans not to have Quiceneras, and is on video saying she doesn’t want to see the money spent on professional development to train teachers to “indoctrinate our children,” a clear reference to the LBGTQ movement.

In La Mirada, Andrew Sarega leads with a whopping 460 votes to Chris Pflanzer’s has 424 votes.

Dem. Downey Mayor Blanca Pacheco will run against (R) Raul Ortiz, Jr. who tallied 10,956 to Pacheco’s 8,660 in L.A.; Ortiz 3,862 to Pacheco’s 1,018 in the OC.

In a bruising battle, Jay Chen beat Michelle Steel in L.A. 4,917 (53%) to 3,768; in Red OC, Steel got 60,273 votes to Chen’s 51,643. Steel 64,041, Chen 55,411.

Dem. Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia 32,937 will be in a race with John Briscoe 19,003 in the 42nd District.

Rep. Linda Sanchez and Grace Napolitano won their seats handily.

Next update is tomorrow, Friday, June 17 starting at 10 a.m.