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Study: 80 Percent of Delivery Drivers Confess to Eating Food, 25% Have Sex in Vehicle

Courtesy Daily Mail


(WGN Chicago) ~ The next time you order takeout, you may want to go pick it up instead of having it delivered.

According to a new poll, 80 percent of delivery workers admit to eating some of the food in their customer’s orders.

More than 500 delivery drivers were polled for the survey.

Researchers discovered stealing food wasn’t the only questionable behavior.

According to the survey:

  • 25% confessed to hooking up with someone in their vehicle
  • 9% said they urinated on or near a customer’s home
  • 10% admitted to urinating in a bottle while making deliveries
  • 23% confessed to deliberately damaging packages
  • 17% admitted to opening and then resealing packages
  • 17% admitted to stealing packages

Researchers found a majority of delivery drivers attribute mistreatment and a lack of respect by customers for their behavior.

  • 73% don’t like their customers because they give bad tips
  • 30% accuse customers of “tip baiting” – typing in a generous tip while placing an order online, then zeroing it out after delivery
  • 57% don’t like when customers let their dogs bark and harass them
  • 30% say customers are unfriendly
  • 25% get annoyed when customers aren’t home or don’t answer the door
  • 42% are frustrated when customers use them in their TikTok or other social media videos

The poll was contracted by Circuit Route Planner, an app that helps find the shortest and fastest routes for delivery drivers who make multiple stops.