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New Parking Permit District for Bellflower

By Tammye McDuff

June 13, 2022 ~ The Public Safety Commission, at their regular meeting held February 15, heard testimony and voted to establish a new permit parking district on Orchard Avenue between Flower Street and Laurel Street.

Each household in the newly established area would be required, if they parked on the street, to obtain a residential parking permit at an annual cost of $50 per permit for each of the first two permits.

If the household requires more than two permits, the cost increases to $100 for the third and $200 for the fourth permit with a maximum of four permits per dwelling. If an annual permit is purchased after June 30, the permit holder will only pay half of the regular fee for the annual permit.

The City received a petition signed by six residents that requested the installation of this permit parking. The Safety committee heard the public testimony and voted to approve the permit parking. The committee did acknowledge that the interest in this permitted parking is below the minimum needed for approval. As stated in the staff report “Thus, only the identified block on Orchard Avenue [100% approval by affected residents] was recommended by the Commission for Council approval.”

Residents were concerned by the lack of available on-street parking and safety concerns of non-resident vehicles parking and loitering in the area.  It was reported that on numerous occasions, Public Safety staff witnessed and confirmed the residents’ concerns.

Permit parking means that vehicles parked on this section of Orchard Avenue would require a rearview mirror hanging permit issued by the city to be displayed in the vehicle, this would be a permit that could be switched among vehicles as necessary. Single-day guest permits would also be available to each household at no cost.