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Experts Use Core Inflation, Why Not the Media?


June 10, 2022~ This morning US residents rose to report of inflation rising “above what analysts expected,” with all media outlets sounding the alarm interviewing frustrated consumers while ignoring the one big elephant in the room.

Core inflation dropped.

Core inflation is the inflation rate when you take out volatile items like food and gas, it is the benchmark that experts use, including the federal reserve so why doesn’t mainstream media use that number?

The most obvious quick answer is they want to keep their ratings up, reporting that inflation has dropped will drop their ratings, people will turn the channel if they report on anything except gas prices and food prices going up because they feel that in their wallet.

Core inflation dropped for the second straight month, the media is not reporting that.


But it is absolutely irresponsible for the mainstream media not to point out that the core inflation actually dropped in May to 5.9%.

This follows a high of 6.5% in March; followed by two drops: down to 6.2% in April and now 5.9% in May, yet no one in the media is reporting that.

When you present a report if you don’t give the entire picture you are not giving the real picture, media does that  to keep the ratings up, they don’t correctly inform consumers.

That’s the way it is in mainstream media these days, it’s all about the almighty ratings, how many hits they are getting on their social media platforms… and reporting that the core inflation dropped is not going to get the action they want.

A picture of the media reporting shows the media’s irresponsibility: