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Main Cause of Recession, Jamie Dimon, Ignores Booming Economic Hurricane Here Already

June 2, 2022~Jamie Dimon, one of the architects of the 2007 great recession at JP Morgan, who made billions during that time, couldn’t stand that the spotlight was not on him anymore and announced yesterday that America should brace for an economic hurricane there is a recession coming.

Dimon blamed the economic stimulus package that Biden passed that gave billions to people and organizations during the pandemic.

Typical Dimon: millions of people who were out of work and the millions of restaurant owners and other businesses that got stimulus money were relieved.

The pattern is obvious, the industry is much more regulated since he and several other banking institutions cratered our economy, so what does he do,  he goes conservative to cover his ass.

The jobs market is solid, profits are up, and business investments are at an all-time high, Dimon apparently does not like that.

The only drag on the economy right now is the Russian war and supply chain crisis that is causing the inflation.