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Kaiser Permanente Downey Partners with Local Organizations to Address Mental Health Needs in the Community


May 19, 2022~DOWNEY, Calif. – May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Since the pandemic began in 2020, millions of people, including teens and young adults, have been struggling with chronic stress, anxiety and depression.

Because keeping the communities healthy goes far beyond providing medical care, Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center works hand-in-hand with partner organizations in Southeast Los Angeles County that are working to address the mental health needs in the community.

 As part of its commitment to improving the mental health of the communities we serve, Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center has provided $60,000 for additional training to clinical staff at Community Family Guidance Center in Cerritos, which provides mental health services to under-served children and their families in 28 cities in Southeast Los Angeles County.

 “Kaiser Permanente Downey’s support has helped us transform the lives of more than 1,700 young people per year,” said Bill Sinko, executive director, Community Family Guidance Center. “It has allowed us to provide excellent training for our clinicians, in turn improving the quality of service for children and youth we serve who are experiencing mental health challenges.”

 In addition to the support of Community Family Guidance Center, Kaiser Permanente Downey helped expand access to mental health services at Helpline Youth Counseling, which provides counseling and assistance to at-risk, children, families and homeless individuals in Whittier, with a $75,000 grant.

 “The work done by these organizations to bring mental health and wellness out in the open creates a culture of acceptance and support,” said Payman Roshan, senior vice president and area manager, Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center. “Kaiser Permanente is beyond proud to be a part of that because when we can make a positive difference in our homes, workplaces, schools and communities we all thrive.”

 Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center also recently provided in-kind donations to Bellflower High School’s Mental Health Club, a student-lead organization that raises awareness about and support for mental health stressors among students. The health care provider that serves 4.8 million members in Southern California is also sponsoring this year’s Girls on Fire summer program, hosted by the City of Downey, which addresses challenges facing young girls led by female leaders in the community.