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Area Cities & Four-Time Olympic Champion to Hold Press Conference to Expose Harmful Impacts of Tribal Gaming Initiative

Los Angeles Region Poised to Lose $71.1M in Tax Revenue for Local Programs & Services; California Communities May Lose $5.5B in Economic Activity and $500M in Tax Revenue 

May 18, 2022~Los Angeles area elected officials and Brenda Villa, four-time Olympic Champion from Commerce, gather to expose the detrimental local impacts on jobs and city revenues if the eligible tribal sports betting gaming initiative on November’s ballot is passed. 

If passed, it threatens the future of community programs like the Commerce Senior Center Breakfast (location where press conference is held). Collectively, the Los Angeles region stands to lose at least $71.1 million in direct general fund tax revenue if the eligible tribal gaming initiative passes by voters – significantly limiting local government’s ability to fund public health, homelessness services, senior programs, after-school programs, and a myriad of vital public services.

Those attending:

  • Juan Garza, California Cities for Self-Reliance Joint Powers Authority      
  • Brenda Villa, Four-Time Olympic Champion Water Polo
  • Oralia Rebollo, Mayor, City of Commerce
  • Emma Sharif, Mayor, City of Compton
  • Jesse Alvarado, Council Member-City of Hawaiian Gardens
  • Alejandra Cortez, Council Member-City of Bell Gardens

The event will be held Thursday, May 19th at 10:00 am at the Commerce Senior Citizens Center, 2555 Commerce Way, Commerce, CA 90040.

 The eligible tribal gaming measure will ask California voters to expand the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) – enabling excessive litigation against cardrooms, which could result in the loss of tens of thousands of quality jobs and force cardrooms out of business with unlimited, meritless lawsuits. Local communities will lose more than 32,000 good-paying jobs that generate $1.6 billion in wages annually. Taxpayers Against Special Interest Monopolies is a group of California local elected officials and community leaders from throughout the state in opposition to the only sports betting measure being contemplated for the November 2022 ballot that harms local communities. For more information on the measure click here.