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Silvia Cobian, Montebello Unified’s Classified Employee of the Year 2022

EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR Silvia Cobian, second from right between her awards. With her is front row (l-r) Zepure Hacopian, Assistant Superintendent; Horacio Perez, Principal, Vail High School; President MUSD School Board Jennifer Gutierrez; Allison Garland, Assistant Superintendent; Ms. Cobian, Classified Employee of the Year; and, Marisol Rivera, President California School Employees Association, Chapter #505.


May 10, 2022~Silvia Cobian has served the Montebello Unified School District since 1995 beginning as an Instructional Assistant then made her way to become an Attendance Officer at the District Office making sure students attend school.  In 2006, Ms. Cobian became a critical part of Vail High School team as Attendance Technician where she continued to help students get to school on time while provide life skills for success.  As Vail High School Principal Horacio Perez shared, “She is a model employee, and works extraordinarily well with everyone.  She deserves the positive attention and recognition.”

In 2014, Ms. Cobian became Vail High Schools Records Technician where she continues to make a difference with our youth.  In the 17 years Ms. Cobian has been at Vail High School, she has been a north star for Vail HS students.  Students seek her out for advice, kindness, and expertise on graduation requirements.

As a Records Technician, Ms. Cobian works closely with our Counselor in making sure our students are on track to graduate.  She works with our counselor and students in explaining what needs to be done to graduate and motivating our students towards graduation.  Ms. Cobian meets with students explaining where they are at and what they need to do.  Her ability to connect with our students creates a school climate of respect and trust.

It is not unusual for students to confide with Ms. Cobian during graduation or credit conferences.  The confidence students have in being open with her allows them all to feel safe and cared about, which in turns encourages students to continue their journey towards a high school diploma.  Never underestimate the power of a safe and caring environment creating successful outcomes for our students.  This is what Ms. Cobian brings to Vail High School in addition to her delightful personality and hard work ethic.

Lastly, as the senior CSEA member at Vail High School, Ms. Cobian provides advice and experience to her fellow CSEA members.   This is critical in Vail running smoothly.  Visitors that walk through the doors of Vail HS feel the ambiance of warmth and professionalism that permeates the front office by all CSEA members.  This is the effect of having a CSEA leader whose purpose is to serve her fellow members, the community, parents, and students.  All Vail stakeholders benefit from having such a strong CSEA leader with Ms. Cobian experience and service.

The California School Employees Association statewide is no doubt proud of her public service in support of education and the local communities.