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Campaign 2022: Was Commerce Councilman Mendoza Impaired?

Campaign 2022: Was Commerce Councilman Mendoza Impaired?

Leonard Mendoza

Staff Report

May 4, 2022~Hews Media Group-Community News reported last week about Leonard Mendoza threatening HMG-CN publisher Brian Hews in a series of emails.

The emails contained several misspellings and grammatical errors, with some people commenting on HMG-CN’s website that Mendoza was probably impaired at the time; Mendoza has said he is sober.

Mendoza responded to the article on social media by claiming the emails were fake calling Hews, “Fake News Hews.”

“That tells me he’s working with Section 8 Scotty Johnson and his cronies,” said Hews, “Johnson and Leticia Vasquez use that moniker; it does have a nice ring,” Hews said tongue-in-cheek.

Mendoza’s responses to the article on social media were the same as his emails to Hews, containing several grammatical errors and elementary school-type misspellings.

Now Mendoza has made another crucial campaign error. The question people are asking, “was Mendoza impaired when he approved, printed , installed and commented on his expensive campaign posters?”

The full-color large campaign posters declare Vote for Mendoza! On the upper left, it tells readers “ELECTION DAY JUNE 6.”

The election is on June 7.

A post on Mendoza’s page shows Mendoza not seeing the mistake, touting the posters.


Mendoza’s poster declaring Vote June 6, when the election is June 7.


Many will be questioning Mendoza’s abilities; When making posters such as Mendoza’s, the printer always sends a proof for approval, so Mendoza missed the egregious mistake four times, once designing the text of the poster, once in the proof process, once putting the posters up, and once again taking pictures for his social media page.

Under the post, his campaign manager Pereza replied, “I love it come to think of it it might confuse people that it says June 6.”

One person commented on social media, “Mendoza printed fake flyers and violated city policy saying he was mayor when he wasn’t, and now he makes this kind of mistake? I don’t want this guy making decisions as a City Councilperson; something is going on with him. To print the posters and not even notice the mistake tells me he has no attention to detail which is necessary in a City Council position. How do you put up the posters without noticing? Impaired?