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The California GOP endorses statewide candidates

April 27, 2022

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The California GOP recently wrapped up a three day convention by endorsing candidates for statewide office.

On Good Morning San Diego, KUSI’s Paul Rudy talked with California GOP Chair, Jessica Millan Patterson, about the candidates that the GOP has chosen to endorse.

“After three days of party building, exceptional speakers, insightful trainings and official business, our Delegates endorsed quality and talented candidates for statewide office” said CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson. “I look forward to supporting them as they challenge California Democrats’ failed one-party rule with visions for a brighter tomorrow.”

The statewide candidates who received a CAGOP endorsement are:
• Mark Meuser, U.S. Senate
• Lance Christensen, Superintendent of Public Instruction
• Nathan Hochman, Attorney General
• Lanhee Chen, Controller
• Angela Underwood Jacobs, Lieutenant Governor
• Senator Brian Dahle, Governor

While in Anaheim, the CAGOP Board of Directors also voted to endorse several candidates for local office, including:
• John Dennis, Congressional District 11
• Steve Iyer, Congressional District 14
• Jeff Gormon, Congressional District 19
• Michael Maher, Congressional District 21
• Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy, Congressional District 30
• Lucie Lapointe Volotzky, Congressional District 32
• Joe E. Collins, III, Congressional District 36
• Baltazar Fedalizo, Congressional District 37
• Eric Ching, Congressional District 38
• Allison Pratt, Congressional District 43
• Corey Gustafson, Congressional District 50
• Soo Yoo, Assembly District 67
• Dan Downey, Assembly District 77
• Corbin Sabol, Assembly District 79
• John Vogel Garcia, Assembly District 80