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Pico Rivera Marshals Resources When Armed Man Barricades Himself at the City’s Gardens Assisted Living Facility


PICO RIVERA – APRIL 21, 2022 – The City of Pico Rivera reacted quickly yesterday as an incident involving an armed and barricaded suspect evolved yesterday morning at the Pico Rivera Gardens Assisted Living Facility located at 6525 Rosemead Boulevard.

Deputies and SWAT members from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department responded to the armed subject who barricaded himself after refusing to leave the facility.

Deputies immediately contained the site after evacuating residents and surrounding neighbors to a safe area.

Residents of the assisted living facility were evacuated and transported to Pico Park where they received temporary shelter, food, and appropriate care by facility staff as well as city staff and American Red Cross volunteers.

“I am very proud of the work our city staff undertook to provide immediate assistance to the residents of Pico Rivera Gardens who were impacted by this unfortunate incident,” said Steve Carmona, Pico Rivera City Manager. “Our immediate concern was the health and safety of the residents, so we marshalled our resources to temporarily relocate them to a safe area and provided food, shelter and any necessary medical care and medications.”

The incident concluded in the evening when the barricaded suspect was taken into custody by Sheriff’s deputies and transported to the nearest hospital for a medical evaluation. Displaced residents were able to return to the facility last evening after the facility was inspected by State and County caseworkers and the facility owner.