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$5 Avocados: Political Stunt at Border by Texas Gov. Abbot Costing Texas Residents

Staff Report

April 14, 2022~A political stunt by embattled Texas Governor Greg Abbott protesting Biden’s actions on Title 42 has horribly backfired.

Abbott has increased inspections at all border crossings into Texas and protest to Biden canceling title 42.

Perishables are going rotten at the border and other supplies are being held up for as much as 36 hours due to Abbot’s stunt.

Abbott says “it’s to prevent drugs and undocumented immigrants from crossing,” but there is already a force to inspect trucks funded by the feds.

One international bridge, that crosses the Rio Grande is the biggest supplier of produce from Mexico, normally 3000 trucks cross, had one or two on the bridge.

No one knows how long Abbot will keep the enforcement going.

His own agricultural secretary is predicting five dollar avocados and two dollar lemons in Texas. Thanks Abbot!