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Here We Go Again: LA Times Screams About ‘Biden Inflation,’ Writes Nothing About the Core

By Brian Hews

April 13, 2022~In the front page article of today’s El Segundo, excuse me, Los Angeles Times, the headline screamed “Inflation spoils Biden’s message on economy.”

Spoils? 7 million jobs created, record GDP growth, the fact that people are going back to work, wages have risen 5.8%? Spoils?

What the EST looked at was the overall inflation rate of 8.5% waiting until the jump page to mention the core rate only rose .3% which is the bellwether that any competent economist uses.

Where is Eric Boehlert when you need him. RIP.

Here are the numbers for the core rate this year; January 6.1, February 6.2, March 6.5.

But the EST ignores those numbers and writes how Biden is “struggling to get his message across.”

Just look down at your newspaper EST’, and other mainstream media, and you’ll know why he’s struggling to get his message across.

The media pines for readers instead of simply taking all the information necessary to get the correct message across: yes inflation is at 8.5% but it is a global problem, 60% of the world’s nations have more than 8.5% inflation rate, yet they neglected to report that.

China is on complete lockdown once again devastating the supply lines, which lends to the overall inflation rate, yet they neglected to report that.

It seems like the media is hell-bent to make Biden look bad no matter what, I think even if he cured cancer the headline would read “Biden struggling to get his cure to the right people.”

You want Trump in office in 2024 just keep writing what you’re writing mainstream media and you’ll get your wish.

Or publish a responsible article, with all the necessary information for somebody with a brain to process it.

Inflation 8.5%, core inflation 6.5%, 7 million jobs, record GDP….