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Sen. Archuleta Recognizes Pico Rivera Sheriff’s Captain Jodi Hutak as Woman of the Year

Ms. Hutak when she was a SWAT officer.  LASD Twitter.


March 8, 2022

 Pico Rivera – In celebration of International Women’s Day, Senator Bob Archuleta (D-Pico Rivera), recognized Pico Rivera Sheriff’s Station Captain Jodi Hutak as Woman of the Year for Senate District 32 for her long record of public service in Los Angeles County.

 “Captain Hutak’s record of public service to Los Angeles County and its residents exemplifies leadership, and is a model of professionalism we should all strive to emulate,” Senator Archuleta said. “It is a privilege, during Women’s History Month, to recognize Captain Jodi Hutak as Woman of the Year for Senate District 32.”

 Captain Hutak, a 22-year Sheriff’s Department veteran, has led the station with a wealth of knowledge, experience and community familiarity. These traits have been invaluable during the recent public health crisis.

 She directed her station in many of the city’s public safety programs, such as food and personal protective equipment distribution events, as well as COVID-19 testing and vaccine programs.

 “I commend Captain Hutak on her work in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community, while strengthening partnerships with the people living and working in the city, particularly during this public health crisis,” Senator Archuleta said.

 “Her community looked to her and the station’s personnel amid these extraordinary times, and will continue to rely on her leadership in public safety in the years ahead, in partnership with my office and other stakeholders. Congratulations Captain Hutak and thank you for all that you do in the service of public safety.”

 The Pico Rivera Los Angeles County Sheriff’s station serves a thriving community that offers opportunities to all who live, work and relax in the City.

 Before his election to the State Senate, Bob Archuleta was Mayor of Pico Rivera and worked alongside the Pico Rivera Sheriff’s substation on public safety and community outreach efforts. With his background in law enforcement, Senator Archuleta is familiar with the immense responsibilities our law enforcement partners shoulder in the course of protecting the public’s safety.

 Captain Hutak was featured in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s 100th Anniversary of Female LASD Deputies display, a tribute highlighting the history of women in law enforcement and the

 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Along with a desire to preserve the legacy of women in law enforcement, she is a mentor to others, empowering them to achieve their career goals.

 Outside of her duties, Captain Hutak has dedicated her time coaching youth soccer in the cities of La Mirada, Whittier and Fullerton.  Between her nearly four decades as a competitive athlete, coupled with undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of Kinesiology and Sports Science, her passion is to share that knowledge to help others not only strive for top sports performance but also to live a healthier lifestyle.

 Captain Hutak is the proud parent of a teenage son and an adult stepson.  She resides in the city of La Habra Heights where she spends time working out or enjoying a variety of outdoor activities including running, hiking and cycling.