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Kaiser Permanente Launches Ukrainian Relief Giving Campaign

MARCH 3, 2022

Health Care Organization will match $200,000 in Employee and Physician Donations and Calls on Other Health Care Organizations to Join the Effort

PASADENA, Calif. — Kaiser Permanente today announces it has launched an employee and physician giving campaign to help with the urgent Ukrainian refugee crisis for physicians and employees who wish to personally support organizations helping with the relief effort providing refugees with food, shelter, warm clothing, medical care and supplies. Employees and physicians can choose to support these efforts by donating to any of 3 organizations selected by Kaiser Permanente, and the non-profit integrated health care organization with 4.8 million members in Southern California will match individual donations dollar for dollar, up to a total of $200,000.

The program was announced March 1, and in less than two days, employees and physicians donated more than $200,000 in relief funds, ensuring the organization will contribute at least $400,000 for Ukraine relief. Donations continue to come in to support the three non-profit relief organizations included in this matching effort that are all providing direct aid: Direct Relief, Global Empowerment Mission and World Central Kitchen. They were chosen based on a successful track record in disaster situations, and all three are on the ground in the region working to assist the refugees.

“Kaiser Permanente’s mission compels us to take action in response to the events unfolding in Eastern Europe,” said Greg A. Adams, chair and chief executive officer, Kaiser Permanente. “We are deeply saddened for the people in Ukraine, and for the loss of lives, destruction of communities, and displacement of families. This worsening humanitarian crisis merits our immediate response. We ask that you join us with your donations and solidarity for the people in Ukraine. This is a moment and cause that connects us regardless of our background or ethnicity. This is a time for unity, and for us to stand together as an industry and as a nation.”

The war in Ukraine already has caused more than 1 million refugees to leave the country and stream into neighboring nations. The United Nations estimates a total of 4 million people will eventually leave the country in the coming weeks. The scale of the humanitarian crisis is expanding significantly, and disaster relief agencies are struggling to meet the needs. While neighboring countries are welcoming the refugees, they are overwhelmed by their numbers. 2

The damage caused by this conflict continues to change every day. Kaiser Permanente will continue to closely monitor the situation as it continues to develop.
Kaiser Permanente has physicians and employees who have ties to Ukraine, Russia and other countries in the region. Many of the people in the communities we serve also have connections to those affected by the war. This diversity is a source of strength and provides an opportunity to seek mutual understanding, offer support, and work together for a better future.