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Statement from LA County Superintendent of Schools Debra Duardo on the State’s Update On Masking in Schools

February 28, 2022

 Downey, Calif. – The state’s decision to end indoor mask mandates in K-12 schools, followed by LA County Department of Public Health’s announcement to align with state recommendations, provide welcome relief to many school leaders throughout the state who have been faced with increased demands for parent choice. The safety and wellbeing of students and school staff continues to be the number one priority. 

 We know that a layered approach that includes vaccination of all those eligible, staying home when ill and regular testing minimizes the spread of COVID-19. These actions help disrupt the disparities exacerbated by COVID-19. 

 Now in our third academic year of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to work closely with the LA County Department of Public Health, our districts, and schools to protect the safety and wellbeing of