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Shedding Masks? Avg. 112,000 Covid Cases, 2,200 Per Day Deaths in U.S.

February 18, 2022

COVID deaths from Omicron are higher than when Delta was raging; drop masks?

Johns Hopkins Statistics

The CDC just came out and said we should not drop the mask mandate just yet citing the number of deaths and cases each day.

One of the leading virologists in the world, CDC chief, Rochelle Walensky, told Reuters in an interview published Tuesday, ““Now is not the moment,” one day after five states announced major changes in their masking policies.

When you’re doctor tells you to do this or that to keep from getting sick, and take your meds, don’t you follow through?

Hospitals are still overcrowded, with nurses and doctors pleading not to cut the mandate; the percentage of vaccinated is still lower than it needs to be, yet we’re going to yield to the very few who have been complaining since the very beginning?

500,000 deaths from Omicron, over 100,000 of those deaths occurred in the U.S., said WHO manager Abdi Mahamud, said.

We need to drown this thing, yet we are dropping masks?