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How to Find Your Purpose in Life

January 24, 2022

Sometimes, you’re just happily living your life when you suddenly find yourself floored by one of the big questions. Why are you here? What is your purpose in life? Sometimes this happens after an experience makes you starts to question things, but at other times, it can sneak up on you and seem to come out of nowhere. Asking about and finding your purpose in life can be challenging because it can change over time, and a sense of purpose doesn’t always come from the places that people say it should. However, seeking purpose is a great way to invest in yourself and a worthwhile endeavor, one that can give you a more fulfilling life.

Consider Traditional Answers

There are a few things that traditionally give people a sense of meaning, and it’s worth considering these first. One or more of them may be the answer that you seek. Conversely, you may find that you always assumed one of them would be the answer and is not. Family, religion or spiritual pursuits, and career are all areas where people have traditionally sought a sense of meaning. You may decide that this is the case for you as well. However, it’s possible to be fulfilled in some of these areas and still want something more, or it may be that you did not find the sense of purpose that you expected from these things. If this is the case, it’s time to keep searching.

Take a Risk

Finding your purpose can mean taking some risks. That doesn’t mean you have to go rock climbing or get up on stage and sing in front of a thousand people, but you will probably have to move outside of your comfort zone. One way to do this is to think about the various challenges you’ll face and how you’ll deal with them. For example, perhaps you’ve decided you want to go back to school as the first step in having a more fulfilling occupation. If you are worried about money, you can look at what kind of financial help is available. With a free scholarship search and application platform, you can quickly search and apply for opportunities. You can also see if you are eligible for student loans. Knowing how you’ll handle any obstacles can give you the courage to take the next steps.

Look Inside

If you aren’t sure where to turn or what to do, go to the expert: you. You know yourself better than anyone, and the answers are there inside you, even if you aren’t sure what they are yet. You can embark on a self-improvement challenge to start to find some answers. Journaling and talking to friends, family, a spiritual advisor, a life coach, or a therapist may also be helpful.

Think about the things you loved as a child and why you stopped pursuing them. Think about the things that you do now that allow you to lose yourself while you’re engaged in them. These can all provide clues as to what will give you a sense of purpose. Considering your values can help as well. For example, if you decide that helping others is one of your most important values, you may find purpose in becoming a nurse.