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Most Promising Players From Our College Football Team

For much of the early 20th century, college football was considered to be an even more prestigious sport than professional-level football. Even today, although it’s a level down from professional football, in some places college football is still more popular than the National Football League (NFL). Playing well and climbing the college football roster can certainly increase career chances of being able to play in the NFL, so in terms of performance, college football counts more than ever.

You’ll often see familiar faces in the NFL if you’ve been following players at college football level. Each year brings a fresh talent for all positions whether that’s the quarterback, offensive guard, running back, or others. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most promising players from college football teams that we’re sure you’ll see playing for the NFL in the future.

Bryce Young

Young began to work with a quarterback coach from the age of 5, so such early training was bound to pay off. 15 years later, it let Young gain the title of being the first quarterback for Alabama to win the Heisman trophy. He’s also one of the few first-time starters to have played a full season since 2009, and more recently has won the title of All-American Bowl Player of the year in 2019, to name just a few of his achievements. In his evaluation a few years ago, he has been compared to Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson, so we can be sure to see him in a few years at a professional level.

Daxton Hill

Described as being a versatile player and also appearing in the NFL draft list of ‘sleepers’ (meaning players that aren’t being discussed in the first round just yet but could definitely find themselves in the top 32 if they keep playing well for the rest of the season), defensive back player Daxton Hill is certainly gaining some interest. As a former 5-star prospect in 2019, Hill certainly has the capacity to make it into the NFL, following in the footsteps of his brother Justice Hill, who plays for the Baltimore Ravens. As a freshman playing for Michigan in 2019, Hill has played 13 games with not only an interception, but 36 tackles as well as 3 starts.


Chris Olave

A wide receiver for Ohio State, Chris Olave is already on his way to preparing for the NFL draft, ranking as the number 16th prospect for the 2022 draft. In light of this preparation, he has decided to opt out of the Rose Bowl. As a record holder for the greatest number of touchdown receptions in the state of Ohio at 35, breaking the previous record of 34 by David Boston, it’s hardly a surprise to see his name come up for the NFL draft. Other successes of his include the 176 receptions for 2711 yards over the duration of his 4 years at Columbus.

Jerome Ford

Starting his career at Alabama, Ford made the decision to transfer and play for the Cincinnati Bears as their running back player. Just 2 years later, he earned the title of first-team All-American Athletic Conference honors as well as being named the Most Outstanding Player of the AAC championships. He played 4 games in each of his 2 seasons, totaling 8 from 2018-2019, running for 151 yards with 3 touchdowns. He has made his place at home with the Bearcats stating that he no longer wishes to be referred to as ‘the Alabama transfer’. He tied with Michael Warren II for the most rushing touchdowns in a single season.  With such exciting prospects, we can definitely expect Ford to be playing pro in no time.


Logan Hall

Playing for the Houston Cougars as their defensive lineman, Logan Hall is someone who is described as truly making leaps and bounds, improving his craft and skill to become more refined day after day. Another one on the NFL sleepers list, his improvement has truly been seen in the current season with 5 tackles and 3.5 sacks against Tulane and Tulsa. As one of the most disruptive defenders this season, his versatility to be able to play any position on the defensive line is what makes him appealing, and his name is sure to come up at a professional level at one point or another. Even his head coach, Dana Holgorsen, and defensive line coach Brian Early have vouched for him and have said that he has progressed further than anyone else this season, proving that his capacity to rise upwards is set.