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OC Supervisor Wagner: ‘A Lot of Non-Compliance Wearing Masks’

December 14, 2021

He has opened his mouth again.

People in Orange County were concerned Monday, Dec. 13, that the state’s indoor mask mandate will lead to the kinds of confrontations that regularly popped up early in the pandemic.

If business owners are expected to enforce the mandate with their customers, problems could resurface.

Then again, Orange County District 3 Supervisor Don Wagner said the new state mandate is unlikely to have an impact locally, where he expects to see “a whole lot of noncompliance.”

Complaints about mask mandates have come up often at county supervisors’ meetings, and early in the pandemic, the previous county health officer’s abrupt resignation was due in part to backlash over her local mask requirement.

One of the reasons for non-compliance? Back in the beginning of the pandemic, Wagner was anti-mask, anti-vax, so critics call him part of the problem.


Hey O.C. Supervisor ‘Dumb’ Don Wagner: Wear a Mask in Orange County, Stop the Spread