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Pico Rivera’s Pico Park to Receive New Outdoor Recreation Experiences

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November 29, 2021

Staff Report

Pico Rivera announced today the start of two large projects at Pico Park, located at 9528 Beverly Boulevard, that will enhance the outdoor recreation experience at the park thanks to recent partnerships, and grant funding awarded to the City.

The City, in partnership with the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), has received funding that will provide an opportunity to install outdoor basketball court areas at Pico Park.

The new basketball areas will include two half courts, with new basketball poles, backstops, rings, netting, and a light pole for evening play. This new amenity will be used to encourage youth participation in basketball sports programming, as well as be available for free play by community members.

Currently, Pico Park does not have outdoor basketball courts. This means that local children, youth, adults, and families must travel 1.5 miles to Rio Hondo Park, located at 8421 San Luis Potosi Place, to access the nearest outdoor basketball courts.

Though this seems like a short distance, patrons in this underserved community would be required to cross two major streets, Rosemead and Paramount Boulevards, to reach Rio Hondo Park; making this pathway potentially dangerous for those walking or utilizing bicycles.

The Walt Disney Company, in collaboration with NRPA, provided a grant to support this project. This investment supports NRPA and Disney’s combined goal to increase equitable access to play opportunities, including youth sports, and encourage children and families to enjoy their local parks to improve overall health and well-being.

In addition to the new basketball court, the City has begun construction of a mini-pitch soccer field that will be adjacent to the new basketball court.

The City reached an agreement with the Roldan Brothers (Broldan), and Xtratime, who represents the Roldan Brothers, with an 8-year agreement for naming rights of the mini-pitch soccer field.

Under this agreement, one logo will be allowed to be painted onto the mini-pitch soccer field for the duration of the eight-year term in exchange for a yearly fee. All revenue generated from the naming rights agreement will go directly toward the maintenance and upkeep of the field. Additionally, the agreement also includes for the Roldan Brothers to participate in and promote four soccer clinics per year.

Through these opportunities, Pico Rivera will be able to provide greater equitable access to outdoor recreational experiences while providing the City’s youth and families with more opportunities for physical activity and healthy outdoor recreation.

“As promoters of outdoor recreation, it is our job to provide the best recreational opportunities for our residents,” said Parks and Recreation Director Pamela Yugar. “When there are grant and partnership opportunities to enhance our parks, we take full advantage of that for the benefit of our entire community.”

Both projects are currently under construction and are anticipated to be completed in Spring 2022.