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Pico Rivera Survey Shows Residents Happy With City Services and Operations

November 19, 2021

By Brian Hews

In June 2019, Pico Rivera began the process of formulating a strategic plan, spearheaded by the City Council and the City Manager.

The city retained the consulting firm of McIntyre & St. Clair who facilitated several planning sessions

As a result of the sessions, a Strategic Working Group (SWG) was formed comprised of different City Staff members with diverse backgrounds and experience.

Under the direction of City Manager Steve Carmona, the SWG drafted a Community Outreach & Engagement Plan, a comprehensive survey of the city’s residential population.

The city retained True North Research, Inc. (True North) to develop and conduct a community survey. The survey was administered to a “statistically random” sample of 483 adults who reside within Pico Rivera and conducted in both English and Spanish; the survey ran from September 15, 2021, and concluded September 30, 2021.


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The residents were asked to rate the city on a number of key dimensions including overall quality of life, as a place to raise a family, a place to shop and dine, as a place to work, and municipal services.

The survey showed that overall, residents are happy with the way the city is run.

Respondents shared favorable opinions of the overall quality of life in the city – 61%; Pico Rivera as a place to live – 58%; and as a place to raise a family – 52%.

Opinions were more mixed regarding the City as a place to shop and dine – 43%; retire in the city – 38%; and work in the city – 29%, but 25% of the respondents answered “unsure” how to rate the city as a place to work.

Residents were very satisfied with the city’s efforts to provide reliable trash and recycling services 91%, fire and emergency services, 91%, street sweeping services 90%, and the variety of recreation programs and summer events, 80%.

Residents wanted to see better efforts by the city to address homelessness, only 40% currently approve, the development of affordable housing; 55% currently approve, and the maintenance and repair of city streets; 61% currently approve.

The survey also showed that the city is communicating well with the residents, with nearly 80% happy with the city’s communication through newsletters, the internet, social media, and other means.

Lastly, residents want a vibrant local economy that includes revitalization,  financial incentives to help existing businesses grow, and the creation of business districts to attract specific industries.

Residents also want to see new retail shopping and dining opportunities, specialty organic food stores, and entertainment options.

City Council and City Staff will use this information to formulate and implement a strategic plan. Ultimately, the final strategic plan will be brought to City Council for consideration and approval in January 2022.