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WRD Ribbon Cutting on Maywood Mutual Water Co. No. 2 Water Improvement Project

WRD and MMWC#2 complete project to remove contamination from drinking water


  • The Water Replenishment District will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a water improvement project in the City of Maywood.
  • WRD led the effort to secure funding for the project; $1 million in Prop 84 funding from Assembly Bill 240 (Rendon) and $1.7M from Prop 1 to complete the project.
  • Funds were provided by the State Water Resources Control Board
  • The “wellhead treatment” project ensures that groundwater pumped from the local well is free of the naturally occurring mineral manganese from the water. In higher concentrations, manganese can discolor water and create an unpleasant smell.
  • This project is part of a series of efforts to improve the water quality in and around the City of Maywood.
  • This well is owned and operated by Maywood Mutual Water Co. No. 2.




BACKGROUND: WRD manages two of the nation’s most utilized urban groundwater basins that lie under south Los Angeles County. Nearly half of the water used by 4 million residents in 43 south LA County cities comes from the groundwater in those basins. WRD’s service area stretches from Exposition Park to Long Beach and from Whittier to the Pacific Ocean. Eleven percent of the state’s population is served by WRD. Water in the City of Maywood is provided by three independent mutual water companies: Maywood Mutual Water Co. #1, Maywood Mutual Water Co. #2, and Maywood Mutual Water Co. #3. WRD has been instrumental in working with all three to secure the needed funding to address water quality issues, particularly in underserved communities with limited resources.


WHEN: 11:30 am, Wednesday, November 17, 2021

WHERE: 5207 Maywood Avenue

Maywood, CA 90270

WHO: Speaker Anthony Rendon, State Water Resources Control Board member Nichole Morgan, and WRD Board Vice President Sergio Calderon.