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Woman Killed, Deputy Stabbed at Gas Station in Commerce


Man was trying to start a fire at a gas station.

When will law enforcement call for a mediator/psychologist in these type of cases?


By Brian Hews • November 13, 2021

A call came into the LASD at  4 a.m. from a gas station at Whittier Blvd. and Gerhart Ave. in Commerce, of “a man trying to start a fire using gasoline.”

Deputies confronted the man and guess what happened? As the man was walking back toward him,  he turned around and attacked the deputy, Alfred said.

While the man was fighting the deputy, a woman armed with a knife exited the SUV, confronted the deputy, and stabbed him in the face.

The deputy pulled his handgun and fired several rounds at the suspects, striking both.

The woman died,  the man and the deputy were taken to the hospital.