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Pico Rivera Selected for Contract Cities Award


November 8, 2021

The California Contract Cities Association (CCCA), at its annual Fall Educational Summit on September 18, presented Pico Rivera with the John Todd Award.

This award recognizes the city for its successful partnership with the California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice) in launching Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy (PRIME).

“We’re honored to have been selected for Contract Cities’ John Todd Award,” said Pico Rivera Mayor Raul Elias. “As a contract city, Pico Rivera understands the importance of great partnerships, and we’re proud of our collaboration with CalChoice to successfully bring PRIME to our community.”

The Association grants the award annually to cities that have implemented a project or program that exemplifies the benefits of the contracting model. To be selected for the award, the city submitted an application explaining PRIME’s goals and effectiveness, implementation and outcome, and partnership and participation. The city launched PRIME to increase local control over the community’s energy generation services and to promote renewable energy options. By partnering with CalChoice and using economies of scale, the city reduced operational costs while ensuring its CCA program would operate as required by the State of California.

“CalChoice helped us overcome the usual challenges that come with implementing a CCA program and has helped us ensure long-term success of PRIME,” continued Elias. “Our partnership showcases a contracting model that other cities can easily replicate.”

The City of Pico Rivera and CalChoice began their partnership in 2016 when the city contracted CalChoice for a feasibility study to determine whether a community choice aggregation (CCA) program would be viable in Pico Rivera.

Following research and a successful feasibility study, the city continued its partnership with CalChoice to implement PRIME. Contract Cities selected the city for the award due to several achievements. Notably, PRIME has a high participation rate, extensive community support and customers benefit from long-term energy cost savings.

Additionally, the program has helped reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at a rate that far exceeds state mandates. PRIME’s Local Development and Sustainability Business Plan is currently guiding the development of other sustainability initiatives, including developing an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Master Plan and the deployment of solar and battery storage projects at City facilities. To learn more about Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy, visit PoweredByPrime.org.