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Consultant Issues Assessment of Pico Rivera’s Smith Park Pool

Pico’s aging Smith Park Pool was assessed by consultants, and recommendations were made, including an entirely new woman and men’s restrooms, showers and lockers.


By Brian Hews • November 2, 2021

Aquatic Design Group (ADG) visited the Smith Park Swimming Pool in Pico Rivera this past August to perform a comprehensive assessment on the aging pool, and present an estimate of overall costs.

During the visit, ADG evaluated the leaks and documented existing conditions of swimming pool shell, decks and swimming pool equipment to come up with their estimate.

ADG found eleven items at the pool that do not comply with current code standards including pool finish, the deck, and the lack of ADA Compliant Access.

The pool finish includes the plaster and tiles, which show major wear and tear; ADG estimated that would cost $700,000.

The pool deck is in no better shape, cracks in the concrete can be found throughout the pool deck. There are several areas of heaving concrete, creating a slip, trip and fall hazard. ADG estimated that would cost $950,000.

The restrooms also need to be brought up to code, ADG recommended an entirely new 1,024 square foot building with toilets, urinals, showers and lockers at a cost of $1.372 million.

The swimming pool’s length requires two accessible means of ADA-compliant entry. A compliant sloped entry or lift qualify as a primary means of entry to the pool; ADG estimated that would cost $9,500.

All told, for a compliant pool that excludes the new bathhouse and ADA entry, the estimated repair costs total $3.342 million.



The second estimate, titled “Replacement In-Kind,” showed costs of $6.347 million.

ADG described those repairs “for a new swimming pool with the same dimensions as the existing swimming pool with new mechanical and chemical equipment. Any replacements would be designed and constructed to current code standards, but once again the cost excludes the new bathhouse and ADA entry.

With the bathhouse estimate, renovating Smith Pool would cost over $7.7 million.

Pico Rivera Mayor Raul Elias told HMG-CN, “The experts have declared repair of our aging swimming pool as wasted labor. Our council recognizes the need for a facility that safe, healthy for our children and ADA complaint. We are reviewing plans to rebuild a more inclusive and complaint pool facility with family aquatics for children, seniors and swimmers. It will take time but our residents deserve the best and not a patchwork of short-term repairs.”


Proforma budget to provide a bathhouse at nearly $1.4 million.



Proforma budget to provide repair the pool at  $6.350 million.